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Bicycle Workstands

If you do any kind of bike maintenance then you will appreciate a dedicated bike workstand. They hold the bike steady and allow you to concentrate on fixing or cleaning. Most stands hold the bike well up of the floor making it easier as you don’t have to bend down to reach certain areas. The bike can be held either by the seat post or top tube by a secure clamp but remember don’t over tighten especially on carbon. Some workstands hold the bike by the bottom bracket and fork so you have several options according to preference. A few can be folded down quite easily for storage or transport, or if you just want something small and simple there are several which hold the bike up using either the back wheel or rear frame stays. 

A wheel truing stand allows you to work on the wheel by holding the axle and letting the wheel spin allowing you to observe the rim movement. Calipers extend towards the rim from side to side and underneath so you can check for sideways or up and down movement and fix accordingly. Just make sure you know how to true a wheel before starting, it’s not as simple as it looks.

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