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Gear Hangers Gear hangers are the small metal plate the rear mech attaches to on the dropout which is designed to break away in the event of impact to save the frame from damage. It’s especially handy to have a spare one if you are planning any trips abroad. There are many different shapes of hangers so check compatibility or ask Merlin Cycles staff for advice. Merlin Cycles stock gear hangers for all Merlin MALT frames as well as most for the Sensa range of bikes.

Pumps Keeping tyres and suspension shocks at the correct pressure can have a massive effect on cycling enjoyment, safety and control as well as preserving the life of components. Whether you need a workshop pump for home, a mini pump for use while cycling, a suspension shock pump to keep your mountain bike shock working or inflation cartridges and head units for quick emergency inflations, they’re all in here. Merlin Cycles stock a wide range of pumps from brands including Topeak, Blackburn, Marzocchi, Beto, BBB, Rock Shox and Lezyne.

Locks The latest generation of bike locks have strengthened steel and the latest in locking mechanism technology used in construction. Most heavy duty locks have a security rating for insurance policy purposes so it’s worth checking rating and policy wording before purchase. From heavy duty chains and padlocks to U locks or the simplest of securing wires; there’s a lock to suit all needs and budgets in here. Merlin Cycles stock a wide range of bike locks and accessories from brands including Abus, BBB, Cycloc and Kryptonite.

Mudguards Mudguards help keep spray off the body keeping you drier for longer therefore having a significant effect to your comfort and temperature. Traditional road mudguards come in several widths while clip-on mudguards are available in different lengths for bikes without mudguard eyelets. Front and rear mountain bike specific mudguards and ingenious neoprene fork stanchion covers also help to keep the dirt off. Merlin Cycles stock a wide range of mudguards for road and mountain bikes from brands including SKS, BBB, Topeak, RRP and Crud.

Water Bottles A cycling water bottle, and cage, is the most convenient way of carrying liquids while cycling. The bottles are made from plastic with a wide lid for refilling and an easily resealable bite top for use on the move. They are available in a variety of sizes from 500ml upwards but all share the same width dimensions so will fit in any bottle cage. Merlin Cycles stock a wide range of water bottles from brands including Tacx, Profile, High5, Hope, SIS, PowerBar, Torq, Pro, Castelli and Camelbak.

Bike Storage There are a number of stands available which hold the bike by various means to keep it stable and freestanding. Either holding it by the rear wheel or stays, they are useful for not just storage but for simple maintenance or cleaning jobs or keeping the bike upright before events. Wall mounted holders keep the bike off the floor at whatever height is most suitable. Merlin Cycles stock a range of bike storage solutions from brands including Feedback Sports, Steadyrack, Cycloc and Minoura.

Bells and Horns A bell is an inoffensive way of letting other road or trail users know you are approaching and as most people know what the sound means, it doesn’t startle them. If you need something that packs a bit more punch then a horn will really let others know you are there making them useful in traffic to alert drivers of your presence. Merlin Cycles stock a wide range of bottle cages from brands including Portland Design Works, BBB and Hornit.

Bicycle Mirrors Keeping an eye on what’s happening behind is a good way of staying alert and help keeping out of potential danger. Having a small mirror mounted on either the helmet or handlebar allows you to keep track of what’s happening without being obtrusive. They are available in several sizes and different attachment options to suit most handlebar types and helmets. Merlin Cycles stock a range of bicycle mirrors from the most respected manufacturer of bicycle mirrors – Cycle Aware.

Frame Protectors Prevent cable rub and chain slap from damaging your frame with a range of small clear sticker sets in useful pre-cut dimensions. For mountain bikes neoprene chainstay and suspension shock covers provide sturdier and longer lasting protection against chain slap and the elements. A chain catcher will help keep the chain from falling off when changing from large to small front chainrings on road bikes. Merlin Cycles stock a wide range of frame protector kits from brands including DMR, Lezyne, Velo, BBB and Lizard Skins.

Helmet Cameras Helmet cameras allow to you capture all your riding antics in glorious high definition (HD) handsfree by simply attaching to helmet, bike or body. An inbuilt image stabiliser means no juddering and produces amazing picture quality, simply press to start /stop and then download later. They are supplied with a range of mounts but additional, helmet or body mounts are also available. Merlin Cycles stock a range of helmet cameras and accessories from two of the best, Garmin and GoPro.

Bottle Cages Bottle cages are made from lightweight materials including plastic, alloy, carbon or titanium and come in a variety of shapes and colours for all tastes and budgets. The important thing is that they all carry any standard shape cycling water bottle from 500ml upwards. To add a touch of customisation, coloured bottle cage bolts are also available separately. Merlin Cycles stock a wide range of bottle cages and accessories from brands including Zipp, BBB, Arundel, Deda, Portland Design Works, 3T, Lezyne, Profile and Elite.

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