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Bike and Wheel Bags

Bike bags are a great way of protecting your bike if you are travelling by plane or a long journey by bus or train. The bike is partially disassembled; mainly wheels, saddle and handlebars are removed and placed alongside the frame, and placed in the bag making it more convenient to transport. The bags themselves are specially designed to carry the bike with padding and securing straps in all the necessary places to protect and hold the frame and parts. Depending on the model, wheels are either put into separate compartments or padded wheels bags within the bag.

Wheel bags are a great way of protecting your precious hoops not only while transporting them buyt also to avoid knocking them while in storage at home. They are padded just enough to protect without being too bulky and will fit a front or rear wheel.

There are also a range of accessories which will protect the frame and drivetrain while in transport or storage. Whether it’s preventing dirt getting to the drivetrain, stopping the chain from rubbing on the frame, a spacer to keep the rear stays apart or just simply a cover to put over your bike, there are some ingenious devices in here.

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