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Bike GPS Systems

Global Positioning Systems (GPS) may seem a bit over the top on a bike but the information they can provide you with is staggering. We can assure that they are money well spent and after you use one you will not fail to be impressed. Not only can they show you your present position on a map but the other information they can show and store is very impressive.

But it’s not just the maps feature which you will use, they are also cycle computers which can show and track all your stats like current speed, distance, elapsed time, average speed, cadence, heart rate, total miles, altitude – the list goes on and on. On some models you can also store certain courses and pace yourself against previous times on the same course like a training buddy. The small size, lack of wires (the device is simply attached to the bars and records everything from there unless you want cadence which requires a tiny unit on the frame) and ease of use once set up makes them a favourite training aid and session recording and storing tool.

The ability to download rides or training sessions afterwards is a massive benefit for later reference or retrieving that route you really enjoyed but couldn’t remember every single turn. You can also download courses onto most GPS devices and just follow the directions on screen, it’s easier than you think and a good way to try new routes. Just make sure you read the instruction manual to get the best from the device.

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