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The BEST Brands at the BEST Prices


  1. Camelbaks

Camelbak is actually a brand of hydration backpack that has become a generic description for hydration backpacks in the same way Hoover has been adopted for vacuum cleaners and JCB for mechanical diggers. Hydration backpacks allow you to carry a greater amount of liquid than you can with bottles and are better at keeping them cool thanks to the insulation provided by the backpack. The actual amount of liquid carried can be varied as different sized liquid reservoirs (or bladders) are available which is useful if you need to upgrade or replace them. Spares are available for the reservoirs and drink tubes should you damage any one part along with a range of handy cleaning and care products.

The packs themselves are available in a multitude of shapes and sizes from basic water lightweight water carriers to larger packs designed with enough space and features for all day adventures in relative comfort. And it’s not just sizes that differ with hydration packs; female and child specific designs are now available in a range of sizes and colours from many manufacturers to suit most needs, tastes and budgets.


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