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Cateye Nano Shot EL620RC Front Light

Cateye Nano Shot EL620RC Front Light
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Cateye Nano Shot Rechargeable Front Light with USB recharge.
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Code: CA460NANO
  •  Cateye NANO Shot , EL620RC
  •  High power compact rechargeable headlight
  •  Single LED, delivers 2000cd (250 lumen) output
  •  Intense wide beam with Opticube lens
  •  Integrated Li-ion battery
  •  Low battery indicator
  •  USB recharge (3.5hr recharge)
  •  High / Low / Flashing modes with 1.5/3/12hr runtimes
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***** on 14/02/2014

Spot on. So light and so powerful.

**** on 20/12/2013

A nice bright light that is even pretty good on low. A huge improvement to my previous cheap one. Cars now dip their headlights immediately, very useful! USB charging also very handy. Only let down by the short battery life of 1.5 hours on full, but this is well over my 20 minute commute.

***** on 16/10/2013

Great light, wish I'd have bitten the bullet sooner instead of messing about with cheap e-bay rubbish. My sticking point was that i simply didn't believe that such a small light could give this kind of illumination, if any of you are out there like me thinking "should I or Shouldn't I " buy it!!!

***** on 10/10/2013

The nano shot is everything you really need in a light.
Easy to install and a nice weight for a slightly large front light.

I'm impressed with the brightness, it gives you confidence when approaching cars have full beams on.
I've found on the same commute that cars seem to turn their full beam off all the time now I'm using this light, as I just wasn't being seen soon enough with my old cateye.

For a rechargable light, the time it provides a bright glow is pretty damn good.
I'm certainly pleased with my purchase.

***** on 28/09/2013

Great Cateye light been using for 2 weeks now. Very bright for my early winter mornings and evenings runs. Highly recommended easy to charge and clip on off the bike. At last car drivers can see me coming now

***** on 26/09/2013

Very pleased! I've used this light on a very dark country roads in the early morning darkness. I could see very well for a good distance ahead and all across the road. You could tell how bright the light must have looked to vehicles approaching from the opposite direction because they would immediately dip their headlights, I can only assume they thought that I was another type of motor vehicle! The light is very easy to fit and I never had any problems with it coming loose, even on bumpy roads. The light is very effective without be big and bulky.

***** on 29/08/2013

Brilliant looking light, you can feel that it's a quality product as soon as you pick it up. Lights up the road ahead perfectly, especially when you're going fairly fast, you can still see far enough ahead to know what's coming. Love the USB charging capability too. It means that I can cycle in to work, charge the light from my PC ready for the ride home.

***** on 08/05/2013

Small compact great looking and very bright. Fits oversize bars with ease. Delivered on time can't ask for more.

***** on 23/04/2013

Light, bright & USB chargeable.

***** on 02/02/2013

This my second Cateye Nano Shot purchased in the last three months. As always the service and prices from Merlin Cycles are unbeatable!

***** on 15/11/2012

Great product, very small and compact giving a good beam of light. Being charged by USB I can charge from my PC whilst at work. I'm even thinking of buying another one which will certainly light the way on dark stretches. Merlin's service A1 cannot complain. With the service that Merlin offer I can order from them and get it delivered to work within a couple of days. Keep up the good service!

***** on 12/11/2012

Bright light, excellent price.

I bought this for the daily commute as a back-up to my main light - and have ended up using it as the main light insead. The beam pattern is great for the road, and the battery has a decent life.

Delivery was prompt.

***** on 04/11/2012

Great little light in a small package that kicks out a great beam of light.. Ok its not as powerfull as my mountain bike lights.

But for work commute it hits the spot, spot on nice spread of light is nice and even and lights up the dark cycle path between work.

Low and Hi power is good to switch between setting from road to cycle path where more power is needed, clamp works well and holds light in place.

Being able to charge by USB is great to makes it easy to charge up at home or work.

***** on 16/10/2012

This light work amazingly well for it's small size.
Lights up the area in front and your peripheral very well, a plus is the fact that's is USB re-chargeable. I have used it a handful of times since receiving it, down a narrow bike path in the early morning, with no need to slow down due to low visibility.

**** on 10/10/2012

Very impressed with this, half the size and weight of my previous light with almost the same output, only wish i had gone for its bigger output brother now

***** on 05/10/2012

Let there be light..there is now! Great product that I'm sure will serve me well. The light itself is light and very small, very easy to set up and get on the bike. defo recommend

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