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Child Seats

For very young children cycling on their own wheels can seem a long way off but don’t let this stop you from cycling – simply take them with you. The latest range of child seats means taking your kids cycling with you has never been easier. Innovation in design and materials has seen child seats become lighter, easier to fit, more secure and ultimately offer greater levels of safety for the child and adult. The weight of the child determines suitability rather than age and all models clearly display weight ratings. 

The seats are available in many shapes and sizes with varying levels of security and accessories to suit all budgets and needs.  Certain models will only fit certain styles of bikes, ie mountain bikes with either disc brakes or V-brakes, or 700c road wheels only so please check manufacturer’s recommendations for compatibility. Please note some may also require an additional rack to be fitted for support.

Merlin Cycles staff will be happy to help with any queries on which type of child seat best suits your bike and needs so please don’t be afraid to ask.

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