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Child Trailers

If you have more than one young child who is too small to ride on their own and you want to take them cycling, the best way is with a child trailer. Simply attach the trailer to the seat post of your bike, strap your kids in and away you go. Not only are child trailers easier to control thanks to the wider base and low centre of gravity, they also offer greater comfort from the separate tyres. Passengers feel more secure thanks to the wider base and the multi point harnesses and some even offer suspension. Protection from the elements is excellent as they are enclosed with several having adjustable sun shades. Most child trailers can take two children although there is an overall weight limit which can vary between models. Most models can also be folded down very easily which makes storage less of an issue when not in use or transit

Utility or Cargo trailers are a great way of safely carrying loads with your bike. From a weekly shop to supplies for a touring holiday, the low centre of gravity, study build and secure mounting all make load carrying so much easier and safer. Loads can be fastened and covered and the wheels also offer suspension to help keep road buzz from the bike.

Merlin Cycles staff will be happy to help with any queries on which type of child trailer or cargo trailer best suits your bike and needs so please don’t be afraid to ask.

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