Chimpanzee Slim Bar 40g

Chimpanzee Slim Bar 40g - Sold in a pack of 6

  1. Chimpanzee Slim Bar 40g
  2. Chimpanzee Slim Bar 40g
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“Power of natural energy” is the core of our philosophy and Chimpanzee as an Active symbol guides us in everything we do.
With vitamins&minerals, 7g protein and 3g of fiber Chimpanzee SLIM bar energize your body and keeps you healthy through the hard days.
Enjoy delicious real food with every bite.

Chocolate Espresso - Double the Trouble

Chimpanzee SLIM Bar will provide well balanced nutrition at work or when on the move.
The bar contains 20 vitamins and minerals, 7 grams of protein and 3 grams of fiber.
Made of natural ingredients, contains no trans fats, no GMO's.

  • Rich source of fiber
  • Lovely taste
  • Caffeine free
  • Balanced vitamin and mineral content

Cranberries & Nuts - Wild & Wonderful

  • Well balanced vitamines and minerals content
  • Rich fiber source
  • Lovely taste
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