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Cleaning, Proofing & Skin Care

Certain cycling garments need a little more care when washed to retain their unique properties. Specialist cleaning and proofing agents when added to the wash can not only kill sweat and odours but also prolong the life of your kit.

There is also a range of creams and gels available to help your skin cope with the unique demands of cycling for long durations or in varying weather. To increase comfort and avoid saddle sores on long rides, chamois cream can be applied to the padding in shorts or tights which helps to prevent chaffing and can also aid recovery. When exercising in cold weather care must be taken when warming up so the use of a good embrocation cream will help get the muscles ready and also protects the skin against the elements. There are several different strengths of embrocation cream available depending on level of activity and weather conditions, just make sure it doesn’t get on any sensitive body parts! On the flip side of this there are cooling creams and gels which when applied to the skin can aid recovery after periods of exercise.

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