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Clothing Womens The range of women’s cycling clothing has grown massively in the last few years. Subtle differences in the cut and strategic placing of straps and chamois means female specific clothing fits better and can make a huge difference to comfort. From socks to shorts and jerseys, or the latest in cold and rain wear and everything in-between, it’s all in here. Merlin Cycles stock a wide range of women’s cycling clothing from brands including Altura, Lusso, Castelli, Santini, Skins, Morvelo and Etexondo.

Clothing Childrens If your child wants to be the next Sir Bradley Wiggins or Victoria Pendelton then help them on their way with some child specific cycling kit. Specially designed shorts, jerseys, gloves, tights and jackets will not only make them look the part but more comfortable as they are made with the same materials as adult clothing. Merlin Cycles stock a wide range of children’s cycling clothing from brands including Funkier, Sealskinz and Sportful.

Clothing Mens Cycling clothing is quite specialist kit and makes a massive difference to comfort and enjoyment on the bike. Modern materials and manufacturing techniques mean cycling clothing has never been so good so it’s worth investing in a few basics. Whether you need a base layer, shorts, tights, jersey, or outer jacket there’s something to suit all budget and needs. Merlin Cycles stock a wide range of men’s cycling clothing from brands including Nalini, Sportful, Race Face, TroyLee, Montane, BBB, Northwave, Craft and POC.

Casual Clothing If you like to show you’re a cyclist off the bike you’re in luck as there are now a wide variety of manufacturers making cycling related casual clothing. A range of T shirts for road and mountain bikers no matter what age or sex are available to suit all budgets. Merlin Cycles stock a range of casual clothing for men, women and children from brands including Le Coq Sportif, Le Tour de France, One Industries and SixSixOne.

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