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Continental Grand Prix 4 Season Folding Road Tyre

Black / 700c / 23mm
RRP: $78.13
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Black / 700c / 25mm
RRP: $78.13
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Black / 700c / 28mm
RRP: $78.13
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Continental Grand Prix 4 Season Folding Road Tyre
Code: 02010000
  • Styled on the GP4000, but with extra protection layers for harsh weather conditions
  • Duraskin® cut-resistant layer from bead to bead plus 2 extra Vectran breakers
  • Black "Max Grip Silica" compound optimised for wet weather adhesion, low temperatures and extended tread life.
  • Vectran anti-puncture technology, tougher than aramid
  • Weight: approx 220g (each)
  • Colour: Black
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***** on 18/03/2014

Trusty tires, very good grip in the wet and hard wearing

***** on 23/01/2014

I bought these to replace the stock tyres on my Boardman CX Comp as I'm just riding on roads at the moment. I'm not a weight weenie but I saved 800g swapping to these tyres and that's a noticeable saving.
At first I thought they were not that grippy, but after checking and lowering my tyre pressure (100 psi rear, 80 psi front) they have great traction in the wet as well as the rare occasion it's dry too!
They are a bit pricey but Merlin had the best price by quite a bit and I feel like I've got a quality product for my money

***** on 23/01/2014

3 punctures in 2 days of winter commuting using GP4000s, switched to GP 4 season and not had a problem since. Usual Continental quality and incredibly sure footed on wet roads.

***** on 03/01/2014

There is no other Winter Tyre as good as these. Flint proof for the Southdowns and Northern France - lets you get more miles in without those hideous, wet and cold, roadside puncture repairs.

***** on 27/12/2013

I've fitted a pair of these on both my bike and my wife's. Both of us commented that they were a little twitchy at the start, but seemed to clear at the end do a quick 15 mile cycles. Very easy to fit on both bikes, usual Continental quality.

***** on 03/12/2013

Great tyres for the winter ahead. My last set lasted 4 years/winters without any major wear n tear. Merlin came up trumps with best price too

***** on 09/11/2013

Bought a new GP4S to replace a worn one. Can't fault these tyres really, particularly as far as puncture protection goes. I commute 15-20 miles each way on a lot of bad roads with plenty of broken glass and have only suffered one penetrative puncture in 12 months (compared to five in five weeks on the terrible Conti Ultraraces that came on the bike). The tread does seem to cut quite easily, but patently not a lot gets through the Vectran belt. The GP4Ss roll fine and grip is great, even on greasy, wet roads. Pity they don't look a bit sweeter, but that's just vanity.

***** on 15/06/2013

Great Tyre, really robust, no complaints, hence reordering!

***** on 09/04/2013

This is the second time I buy this tires, and I'm very satisfied. Great durability and avoid flat tire. I'm going to keep buying this tires in the future. Definitely

***** on 01/03/2013

Good rolling tyre and hoping it lives up to billing only had it on 100 miles so cannot say how long it will last

***** on 20/12/2012

Super durable winter tyres especially on the back wheel which suffers punctures more frequently but this tyre minmises this.

***** on 11/12/2012

Great winter tyre from Continental. Superfast delivery from Merlin as always.

***** on 11/11/2012

Brilliant used these for the last few years, durable and other than a puncture on the first ride 3 years ago I've used these tyres for the last few winters with no issues at all. Fast and grippy too!

**** on 25/09/2012

I have used GP 4 Season tyre on the front wheel for the past 12 months and been very satisfied with good grip even in cold winter days and in the wet. This new tyre is going on the rear ready for the winter. I have found these tyres have been good at resisting punctures

***** on 19/06/2012

best products deal, I am happy with Merlincycles online store, very efficient staff to proccess orders.

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