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Continental Grand Prix GT Folding Road Tyre

Continental Grand Prix GT Folding Road Tyre
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Continental Grand Prix GT Folding Road Tyre, 700 x 25
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  • One for the 'Grand Tours'
  • If you like the reliability of Gator Hardshell but also want the performance of a GP4000S BlackChili compound, then this could be the tyre for you!
  • Ideally suited to sportive riders, the secret is in the design:
  • An extra-wide PolyX Breaker protects against thorns, glass and other sharp objects whilst a continuous 3 ply casing gives 50% more sidewall thickness without adding much weight.
  • These features earn the endorsement GT (Grand Tour), earmarking the tyre for sportives, marathons and multi-day events. Black Chili compound and the tried and tested Grand Prix profile offer outstanding grip and handling characteristics. .
  • Combining the tough Hardshell casing with BlackChili compound performance
  • PolyX Breaker® anti puncture extra wide layer beneath tread
  • Ideal for fans of the longer sportives who require extra reliability without losing tread performance
  • 50% thicker sidewall than the standard Grand Prix
  • 700 x 25mm, Weight 250g

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**** on 16/12/2014

Pretty good compromise between speed and durability. Good for winter training

***** on 02/12/2014

A great price from Merlin Cycles, this tyre is performing very well so far, I thought it was a sensible idea to go for a 25mm width and puncture resistance for the winter months but think this tyre will be great in the summer months too. Good grip and rolling resistance is low as you will always get from Black Chilli.

***** on 01/12/2014

After searching different tyres I chose this folding tyre from Continental. I wanted to fit these to my Cube Hybrid for commuting to work during the winter period. As always the service from Merlin Cycles was excellent. I must admit to struggling to get the tyres on the rims, patience, fairy liquid and a towel helped (for grip). I must say I am extremley pleased with their performance so far and the 25mm makes the bike feel so much quicker. I was running 30mm knobbled tyres as the bike is a Cross SL. I will continue to deal with Merlin and would certainly recommend them to my friends.

***** on 30/11/2014

After reading reviews decided to purchase these tyres for The Royal Flyer Sportive. This is Wiggles smallest event and they saw more punctures than they have ever seen!!! These tyres gave me a very smooth ride, with plenty of confidence given the wet muddy conditions and zero punctures!!!

***** on 04/11/2014

Bought as a winter tyre and can't fault them as yet. Roll as nicely as my GP4000S tyres. No punctures as yet and loving riding on 25mm now. Do recommend.

**** on 28/10/2014

A bit tricky to fit but a nice, light, grippy tyre.

***** on 23/10/2014

Nice and sticky rubber, great on these slimy roads, good to fit too!

***** on 21/10/2014

Exellent tyre with fantastic grip and, as far as I'm aware, good puncture protection. They have also given me much more confidence in the wet. Would buy again and again.

***** on 14/10/2014

These should have a five star + rating. Fantastic rolling resistance and brilliant puncture protection completed Paris Roubaix in 6 h 45 min not one puncture. Well done the boys at Conti.....

***** on 02/10/2014

Super fast tyre. Put them on my CX bike for some road riding. Highly recommended

***** on 22/09/2014

Bought a pair of these last year. Covered just over 4k miles on them but the rear tyre was starting to look a bit rough. Never punctured once - ride on a night and through winter so puncture protection is important to me.

***** on 15/09/2014

Great tire, has a strong grip on the pavement and appears to be quite resilient! No problems yet!

***** on 11/09/2014

Good tyre. Surprisingly grippy and fast.

***** on 11/09/2014

Great tyre, bought a pair of these 9 months ago and no punctures so got these for a very good price. Arrived less than 48 hours later.

***** on 31/07/2014

I was in a 250 mile race (in which I punctured twice, and then my spoke was broken) with constant rain. Everybody except the winner of the race punctured several times, some up to ten times. The winner of the race went on the GT's. Since then I wanted these tyres as well!

***** on 11/07/2014

Excellent value for money, just got my 2nd pair after. Previous pair were on 4000 km and going strong before I wrecked them by running over a bottle at high speed. Service from Merlin is always great.

***** on 05/07/2014

These are brilliant tyres. As a club cyclist I cover lots of miles and in all weather conditions. I put a set on my winter/daily commuter bike at the start of last winter and have only had one puncture since last October which was quite recently and caused by a large piece of glass. Initially they feel a bit sticky and slow but after a couple of days they start rolling really really well. I had to stock up at Merlin as they had them on offer at an unbeatable 50% off . To sum up these are fast, durable, and quite comfortable tyres that seem, judging by the lack of reviews everywhere, to have ducked under most peoples radar.Highly recommended.

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