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Cycling Gloves

Cycling gloves are an often overlooked but essential item for any cyclist. Cycling specific gloves feature padding in areas where it is needed most such as the palms around the base of the thumb and forefinger where the hand grips the bars. Road and mountain bike gloves have subtle differences but both can be used for either discipline according to personal preferences and needs.

Traditional fingerless cycling gloves tend to be favoured by road riders as they weigh nothing and also feature a sweat wicking area near the base of the thumb, a lightweight back and a Velcro or elastic cuff to keep them in place. Mountain bike gloves have the same features but have full fingers to offer more protection.

Winter gloves come in many thicknesses and styles. From simple liner gloves which will fit inside any larger glove to full on water and wind resistant thick gloves which should keep the digits warm no matter how foul the weather and every weight and weather condition in between.

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