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Disc Brake Spares

  1. Ashima Rotors

    Ashima Rotors
  2. Shimano Disc Brake Spares

    Shimano Disc Brake Spares
  3. Disc Brake Pads

    Disc Brake Pads
  4. Hayes Disc Brake Spares

    Hayes Disc Brake Spares
  5. Hope Disc Brake Spares

    Hope Disc Brake Spares
  6. Avid Disc Brake Spares

    Avid Disc Brake Spares
  7. Formula Disc Brake Spares

    Formula Disc Brake Spares

Ashima Rotors Ashima make a range disc brake rotors and hub adapters compatible with Shimano or Avid disc brake systems. Rotors are available in a range of sizes and colours but are cheaper than Shimano and Avid and perform just as well. Their Centre Lock to 6-Bolt hub adapter is an inexpensive way of changing systems without replacing hubs.  To see how well they work check out the customer reviews on them.

Shimano Disc Brake Spares Thanks to Shimano being the world’s biggest cycle component manufacturer, most parts for their disc brakes can be purchased individually making servicing and replacement much easier. Whether its metal or resin pads, 6-Bolt or Centre Lock rotors, bleed kits, hose kits, caliper mount adapters, 6-Bolt to Centre Lock hub adapters or simple hose olive inserts, they’re all available separately. Merlin Cycles stock Shimano disc brake spares for Deore, SLX, XT, Saint, Zee and XTR groupsets.

Disc Brake Pads Disc brake pads can wear quite quickly so regular checks especially after long wet or muddy rides are recommended. Although they may look the same, each brake manufacturer has a different pattern and way of holding the pad in the caliper. There can be large variations even between groupsets from the same manufacturer so please check before purchase. Merlin Cycles stock disc brake pads from Ashima, Avid, Formula, Jagwire, Hope and Shimano and EBC.

Hayes Disc Brake Spares Hayes disc brakes have a reputation for quality and excellence at realistic prices throughout their range.  Merlin Cycles not only stocks a large range of Hayes disc brake systems but also spares including all sizes of rotors and the Hayes dedicated bleeding kit to keep your brakes performing at their best.

Hope Disc Brake Spares Hope has probably the best range of spares for any disc brake systems on the market. Most of the constituent parts of their systems are available individually making servicing and replacement much easier. Complete seal kits, brass inserts, olives, sintered and standard pads, caliper mounts,  conversion caliper mounts for different fitting patterns, braided and standard hose kits, direct shift mounts, bleed kits and standard or floating rotors; Merlin Cycles carries stock for all variations of the Mini, Mono and Tech ranges.

Avid Disc Brake Spares Avid have a comprehensive and well thought out range of spares available for their disc brake range. From simple rotor bolt kits, caliper mounting bolt kits, hose barb and olive kits, all sizes of rotors, caliper mounting adapters, sintered and organic brake pads, brake/shifter mounts for SRAM gear systems, hydraulic hose kits and bleed kits; Merlin Cycles stocks the lot.

Formula Disc Brake Spares Formula offers a wide range of spares for their disc brake systems. A choice of brake pads in sintered, organic or standard form, mount adapters and different diameter rotor kits (including mountain kit) are available. Formula rotors are designed to fit all the calipers in the range, the only difference being the diameter, making replacement simpler. Bleeding kits, both simple syringe and the unique Formula alloy bleeding syringe, are also stocked by Merlin Cycles.

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