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Elite Trainers

Elite indoor trainers are used by some of the best riders in the world including Team SKY. Look at the warm up area in the time trial of any big professional race and you will see riders using Elite trainers.


The product and accessory range is huge; from the simplest foldable trainer for the odd rainy day, rollers for suppleness, to the latest electronically controlled products. To make training more realistic, and dare we say it more entertaining, the top end Elite trainers can be connected to a computer or laptop and various courses can be downloaded so you can climb the Alpine climb you’ve always wanted to or race a virtual partner without leaving home.


An excellent after sales service and solid reputation make Elite trainers a firm favourite among amateurs and professionals alike. Ease of use and innovative products have ensured many test wins worldwide and with a product range to suit any budget or performance level, you won’t be disappointed with an Elite trainer.

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