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Finish Line XC Wet Chain Lube

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A wet-style lube for use in adverse conditions.
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Code: 270
  • A wet-style lube for use in adverse conditions
  • Super-durable synthetic ingredients create a high viscosity lube that protects and lubricates parts for longer
  • Fortified with extreme pressure additives such as Molybdenum for high torque loads
  • Includes water repelling polymers, making it Finish Line's longest lasting and most water resistant lubricant
  • Proven performance for long rides, muddy off-road conditions and long rainy commutes
  • The synthetic oils used are non-toxic and biodegradable



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***** on 26/03/2015

Tried and trusted for the winter

***** on 13/12/2014

Quality lube for UK conditions. Easy to apply and stays on!

***** on 25/07/2014

Great oil. Highly recommend.

***** on 10/07/2014

I always have a bottle of this on hand, works well in the dry too.

**** on 01/07/2014

Sticks to the chain very well in wet conditions

***** on 05/06/2014

Excellent lube, keeps the drive train running smooth and doesn't make a mess like some others can

***** on 22/01/2014

Best I've found in bad weather conditions.

***** on 06/11/2013

Great lube. Would like longer nozzle for those hard to reach areas

***** on 27/08/2013

Brilliant chain lube, I use this all year round, put it on the night before a ride and let it soak, even in all the winter gloop it stays put and keeps your chain sweet.

***** on 10/07/2013

This lube sticks to the chain and stays there even when running through some deep puddles. Gives a good coverage as well

**** on 17/06/2013

Does the job for most rides. For long rides (>4 hours) it's worth taking the bottle along as it does wear off reasonably quickly even in good conditions.

***** on 09/06/2013

Used this lube for years now. Great product

***** on 21/03/2013

Just as described. Fantastic product, best on the market and best we have ever used. Will definitely recommend this item.

**** on 21/02/2013

My everyday lube. Mostly great!

***** on 21/02/2013

Ordered and received next day, as always! Great product.

***** on 12/02/2013

Does what it says on the tin, always use finish line.

***** on 29/01/2013

Commuting 20 miles a day through the winter salty, rainy months on a road bike your chain gets a bit of a hammering. In the past I have tried to get away with just using dry lube, but was having to lube every other day (or daily after a soaking in the rain). Used this wet lube all through this winter and it certainly makes bike run smoother, requires less lubing (probably once a week even in really wet conditions) and keeps chain in better condition. Your chain does look dirtier though but would use this over a dry lube in the winter months anytime

***** on 23/01/2013

Best lube for british winter!

***** on 14/01/2013

Does what you need it to do; lasts a long time once applied without getting too manky.

***** on 29/12/2012

I've always use multigrade car engine oil, applied with a old tooth brush, on bike chains but they get very black and gunky. After reading reviews I thought I give this stuff a go. I ordered the aerosol version as the this seemed the better value in terms of volume. The lube comes out of the aerosol in the form of a foam. Its seems to last quite well and the cassette and chain seem to remain cleaner with it. Quite impressed.

***** on 12/12/2012

Chain lube, what can I say.. if you like orangey brown then avoid this

***** on 12/12/2012

Good all purpuse lube, Great value for money.

***** on 29/11/2012

A good wet weather lube. Apply night before ride and wipe off excess before riding. Will attract dust and grime if used in dry conditions.

***** on 20/11/2012

Excellent, service delivered quickly and as described.

***** on 31/10/2012

Finish line chain lube is excellent quality and I would not use nothing else, Excellent for that winter riding

***** on 30/10/2012

I use this product on my bike chain all the time i find it very good at keeping the chain lubricated even when the drive train has been covered in mud and water..Merlin are always very competitive on price and i find the delivery service outstanding.

***** on 24/10/2012

very good winter lube (or all year round lube if you live in a wetter part of the country)
does what it says on the bottle.

***** on 22/10/2012

Great lube for my winter commute as lasts a long time.

***** on 20/10/2012

Item arrived next day have full confidence in ordering from Merlin Cycles no mater how large or small at the best price

**** on 18/10/2012

you do need to put quite a lot on, but it does the job just fine.

**** on 25/09/2012

good for wet rides ,when normal lube is gone after a few puddles. Off rd grit sticks .so chain still needs regular cleen.

***** on 25/09/2012

Does what is says ,repels water fantastic.

***** on 23/09/2012

Does the job

***** on 02/08/2012

Very much recommend this chain lube. Easy to use and seems to last a long while

***** on 04/07/2012

The lube for the current sunmmer (what summer?!) just don't let it build up or it creates a thick oily mess. Degrease every so often and it's great.

***** on 21/06/2012

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