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Frame & Forks Information

Each year heralds new and improved bike frames and forks making 12 months a long time in technological terms. Advances in materials, design, production techniques and changes in component technology all have an influence on frames and forks and what was considered cutting edge last year has probably been superseded. Sometimes it can just be your tastes or preferences that change or wanting to upgrade components may involve the need for a new frame or fork or both. Whatever the reason, there’s a lot of choice these days.

If you need to replace your frame or fancy a new one, most components can be switched between frames without having to buy new parts making it a much cheaper than a complete new bike. Same with forks, as long as basic widths are the same forks can be switched with relative ease.

Whether you need a new road or mountain bike frame; the latest suspension or aero road fork; or simply want to protect your pride and joy from cable rub and chain slap it’s in here.

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