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Frame Protectors

Help keep your pride and joy from scratches with a range of specially designed sticker sets, neoprene covers and chain catchers. The most common places for scratches are where cables rub against the frame and where the chain can hit the right hand chainstay. Protecting these vulnerable areas with hardwearing clear plastic stickers, or carbon effect for those that want something different, will prevent cable rub and chain slap marks from damaging your frame. As chain slap is more common on mountain bikes, more protection is needed so fitting a neoprene cover will keep your paintwork intact far longer. Neoprene covers are also available to cover rear shocks to help keep mud out increasing the life of your shock. To help prevent your chain from falling off round the chainset on road bikes a chain catcher will help keep the chain from falling down when changing from large front chainring to small.

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