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Garmin GMS070 Speed/Cadence Sensor

Garmin GMS070 Speed/Cadence Sensor
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Garmin GMS070 Speed/Cadence Sensor
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  • Monitor your performance as you ride with this easy-to-install, wireless speed and cadence sensor bundle
  • The cadence sensor fastens to any size crank arm and tracks pedaling strokes per minute, so you can train for your optimal performanced
  • The speed sensor attaches to the hub of either wheel and self-calibrates with your Garmin Edge to give you accurate speed and distance at all times, even when indoors on the turbo trainer, or in areas where GPS signal is interupted
  • Compatible with the Edge 1000, 810, 800, 510, 500, 910 XT, 310 XT, as well FR610 and FR70 series watch units
  • Bundle includes speed sensor, speed sensor sleeve, cadence sensor, cadence sensor straps, manual
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***** on 24/03/2015

Work perfectly, Hub sensor a little bulky, ideally needs slimming down. Also on my dt swiss hubs it doesn't sit square but hardly a deal breaker.

***** on 16/03/2015

This is replacement for my Garmin Sensor Cadence GSC 10, so far no problems easy to pair to Garmin 500 and Garmin FR70

***** on 12/02/2015

Great product, easy to fit and sync and very accurate

***** on 12/02/2015

Very happy with the sensors - it's definitely less fuss than the old GSC-10 sensor from Garmin. It does take a little bit extra to pair it up if you have a Garmin Edge 800, but it's not too difficult and I'm very happy that I don't have to line up magnets any more!

***** on 30/01/2015

My first Garmin speed/cadence sensor. Easy installation and picked up by Garmin 510 right away. Data pretty much same compared with my current Wahoo sensors.

***** on 26/01/2015

Amazing service from Merlin as always. As for the sensors, they are easy to fit. Great to have to no magnets or things to line up. The fact you can swap them from bike to bike is a great touch. Have had a couple of issues of having to re-sync them after they've not been used and gone into sleep mode. But that's a small worry when compared to how neat and easy to use they are.

**** on 22/01/2015

Really easy to set up, seems to work well

***** on 18/01/2015

Big improvement on the older combined sensor and can be moved between bikes quite easily

**** on 31/10/2014

Works very well - very simple to install - but a little pricey

**** on 25/09/2014

Very easy to fit and set up. No problem setting up as a second bike on my Garmin 500 edge. Seems to unbalance wheel when I tested it on bike stand due to its weight wrapped around hub but is not noticeable when riding on the road.

***** on 21/09/2014

Good for mountain biking for its vibration resistance.

**** on 16/09/2014

A big improvement on the GSC10, but not perfect. It has so far been more reliable than a GSC10 in picking up speed and cadence, but occasionally the speed sensor part will miss a couple of seconds and send the Edge 500 it is paired with into auto pause. I haven't noticed a problem with the cadence sensor. It does seem to be by 30 mins into a ride, it has completely settled down and works perfectly, so I'm not sure of the cause and it always sorts itself out in a few seconds. Still more reliable than a GSC10, which stopped working on me quite frequently, especially in the wet (even when spending a lot of time getting the magnets right. Without a shadow of doubt it looks a lot better on the bike  you dont realise how ugly the GSC10 is until you take it off. The speed sensor only just fits around the hub of my Mavic wheels (but the front hub is very big). I put it on the front to avoid the risk of chain dirt at the back as well as putting it nearer the 500 on the handlebars that it talks to. The cadence sensor used the largest band supplied on Ultegra cranks, but that was to get a good fit, it would have fitted with the medium bands, but I worried about the stress in them. I put a piece of old inner tube behind the mount to cushion against the cranks and hopefully provide some more grip. So far, no issue at all with the cadence sensor moving. The only down side is cost, but I will buy this in preference to the GSC10 in future (should I be able to justify another bike!).

***** on 12/09/2014

Works great - very happy that it can easily change from bike to bike

***** on 03/08/2014

Excellent product that is easy to install and setup. Easily transferable from bike to bike with non of the tie wrapping of yesteryear. Highly recommended.

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