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    Childrens Helmets
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Mountain Bike Helmets XC mountain bike helmets extend further down the rear than road helmets for more protection and there less vents as cooling is not such an issue. Full face helmets offer the most protection and also protect the jaw but are too restrictive for everyday riding. Each manufacturer has their own retention system which keeps the helmet secure no matter the terrain. Merlin Cycles stock a range of mountain bike helmets from brands including THE, TroyLee, Ranking, SixSixOne and Smith Optics.

Road Bike Helmets Modern road bike helmets are lighter, better ventilated (unless you want a TT model) more impact resistant, more comfortable and available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colours to suit all tastes and budgets. Retention systems have also developed enormously to keep the helmet more secure on the head without cutting off circulation. Merlin Cycles stock a wide range of road bike helmets from brands including Salice, POC, Ranking, Lazer, Uvex and Catlike.

Children’s Helmets Children’s helmets are available in many colours and sizes. Certain helmets offer slightly more coverage than others but fit is the most important factor. Make sure the helmet sits comfortably on the head, is anchored properly with the straps, and sits just above the eyebrows. Staff at Merlin Cycles will happily help you get the correct size and fit for your child. All child helmets meet or exceed current safety legislations. Merlin Cycles stock children’s helmets from top brands Giro and MET.

Helmet Spares If the lining of your Giro or Bell helmet is starting to look tatty and the padding has gone then fear not as there are replacement accessories available. Sweat and constant rubbing can take its toll so if you the padding is wearing thin, hanging together or missing then it’s time to get a new set as this will make the helmet more comfortable. There are also peak and peak bolt kits available for certain models.

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