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High5 Zero Electrolyte Drink - 20 Tablets

Berry / 20 Tablets
RRP: $8.85
Save 29%
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Citrus / 20 Tablets
RRP: $8.85
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High5 Zero Electrolyte Drink - 20 Tablets
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Zero is a refreshing zero calorie sports drink tablet, with a hint of fruity flavour, Zero provides you with essential sports nutrition such as Vitamin C and 5 electrolytes including sodium, magnesium and potassium.  Zero has all natural flavours and no artificial colours or preservatives.

  • Light & refreshing sports drink with a hint of fruit.
  • Includes Vitamin C and electrolytes, including sodium, magnesium and potassium
  • Zero calories.
  • Suitable for a wide range of sporting activities.
  • With natural flavours.
  • No artificial colours or preservatives.
  • 1 tablet makes up a 750ml serving.
  • 20 Tablets per tube.

High5 –Sports Nutrition

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***** on 04/02/2015

Superb product. Great flavours and I really notice the difference when I use them. Well done.

***** on 16/12/2014

Great before, during and after a short or long ride. Taste good too!

***** on 09/12/2014

Can't say that I particularly like any of these hydration tablets - although these seem to be the least bizarre tasting (if you taste them blind you would at least have a decent chance at identifying the flavour), and they do seem to lessen the post-rude fatigue. These ones are at least as good as any others and the price was right... Will I buy them again? Most probably

***** on 30/11/2014

Bought the berry flavour, great taste and really helps to keep you hydrated

***** on 25/11/2014

Perfect for a hard or long Work out.

***** on 12/11/2014

Brilliant for pre or post ride mineral replacement. Taste great.

***** on 26/10/2014

These are as good as any others and probably cheaper, not as nice as the Zero caffeine ones but the offer was 2 for 1, I'm happy!

***** on 16/10/2014

I love the citrus variety. These are light and refreshing and give a little motivation to keep going. The fact they're zero calories is even better. Good price from Merlin.

***** on 10/10/2014

These are a great drink to keep you hydrated whilst riding and other sports. Great taste too, and a bargain at buy one get one free.

***** on 10/10/2014

These were good value at 2 for the price of 1. Its always a good idea to drink proper electrolyte balancing drinks rather than "energy" drinks that really are only a stop gap measure. The zero's are perfect for your ride. bring a spare tablet in your back pocket.

***** on 04/10/2014

As good as it is described, not too sweet, with one tab for a 0,75l bottle, which is perfect for my taste, and does the job.

***** on 02/10/2014

I think this is a great product, I use it often for long summer rides, and also 2-3 times a week in the winter for indoor spinning training. Citrus tastes good (only one I`ve tried) and I'm convinced it helps keep me hydrated, and also reduces the amount of cramping I get after hard sweaty workouts. Fantastic value on the buy one get one free offer.

***** on 30/09/2014

Ordered berry flavour and the taste is good, quick delivery

***** on 29/09/2014

Excellent product, nice taste and very refreshing on a long ride..Also very well priced, thank you Merlin cycles..

***** on 26/09/2014

Verry good product. Dissolves well and easy to consume.

***** on 19/09/2014

Great offer, do the job a lot better than water. Better value than SIS.

***** on 17/09/2014

A great product that really does keep you hydrated while riding. I struggle with having a dry throat even at work, but never have when using these.

***** on 16/09/2014

I use these pre and post ride to ensure full hydration during training. They should also be added to High5 Energy on hot days for the extra salts. Great product, subtle taste, brilliant price from Merlin!

*** on 16/09/2014

Whether these make a real difference remains to be seen, but pleasant flavour and when paired with a bottle of water does the job on hot days.

***** on 13/09/2014

Great stuff, berry flavour is just right - not too sweet. Tip top

***** on 12/09/2014

Good subtle taste. Easy on stomach

**** on 11/08/2014

I've tried the lime flavour and it's nice enough - I usually use SIS ones, but these are just as good and cheaper, I certainly recommend them.

***** on 10/08/2014

Been using these for a few years now. As a diabetic these are a great way to hydrate without sugar

***** on 08/08/2014

My favourite electrolyte drink, a bargain at this price. Taste good and easily dissolved. Highly recommended

***** on 06/08/2014

Very refreshing and sustaining and really good value.

***** on 02/08/2014

These are great at stopping cramps. Myself and my wife also take them to work during hot weather. They make a cheap hydrating drink with no calories. Not a great flavour but use them for health properties, not taste!

**** on 01/07/2014

Great offer at present. Decent tasting additive to your water bottle, good for giving an energy boost and keeping body salts topped up on a ride.

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