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Kryptonite Evolution Series 4 1090 Integrated Chain

Kryptonite Evolution Series 4 1090 Integrated Chain
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Kryptonite Evolution Series 4 1090 Integrated Chain - 10mm x 90cm
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The Evolution Series 4 Integrated Chains are for convenient bicycle protection in moderate to high crime areas
The hardened triple heat-treated boron manganese steel chains include 10mm six-sided links
The integrated chains secure with a new patent-pending integrated Evolution series 4 lock head
This innovative series of chains also feature a patent-pending pin-less design which secures the chain to a hardened deadbolt    and allows for no weak leak in the chain due to extensive holding power of the link itself against attacks
Chains are enclosed in a nylon-webbing sleeve to protect paint from scratches and allow for easy portability and tight coiling during storage
Comes with 3 stainless steel keys including a lighted LED key with replaceable battery and 2 new, ergonomic 'I' keys
One key is lighted for easy access at night; replaceable battery insures that light can be used as long as the lock. The new 'I'  keys make opening a disc-style cylinder much smoother
Approved to Gold Sold Secure standard
Approved to Thatcham CAT3

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***** on 26/03/2015

Really impressive lock. Easily fits through an adult and two kids bikes frames. 3 x keys supplied one with a bright LED light built in. No metal chain is exposed so it won't scratch your frame.

***** on 01/03/2015

I bought this chain to use in combination with Kryptonite Mini 7 U-lock in a bike storage. The chain is long enough to secure bike frame and rear wheel even to quite wide objects. Bit heavy to carry around for me but great value for this high security lock.

***** on 03/04/2014

Chain and lock feel very solid and sturdy hopefully enough to put off potential thieves. Bit bulky to carry around but then again would never leave my bike in a public place. Through frame and into an anchor. Stays at 5 stars unless my bike gets nicked ;)

**** on 03/04/2014

Great, high quality and reasonable length.

***** on 23/03/2014

Great lock and good value for money.
Heavy duty and feels strong, though admittedly I have not tried to break it! Obviously fairly weighty so not one you'd take out and about with you but perfect for chaining your bike up in the garage.
Be careful to turn key completely before trying to remove as I can see this is an area that damage could potentially be caused if not careful. Also when unlocking make sure to hold both ends securely as the weight of the chain dropping could damage the paintwork on your bike, though it does have a useful protective cover to minimise the risk of this.
Overall a quality lock, good length, well worth the price and helps to put your mind at ease.

***** on 29/01/2014

Excellent lock. Very secure. Not too bulky or heavy

**** on 09/10/2013

Keeping my son's bike (one of my old ones) safe at university. Doing its job and gives a very visual message

***** on 29/01/2013

Great security lock for locking your bikes up at night. Feels very strong and looks the business. Great price and fast delivery as always from Merlin.

***** on 04/01/2013

Great lock - high quality, super strong - will definitely deter thieves.

My only negative might be that it is HEAVY - and the orange/black locking mechanism is thick - but that is what you get if you want to keep your bike safe. This will be the lock I will keep chained up to the rack when commuting.

***** on 12/12/2012

If you're looking for a chain lock rather than a U-lock, then this chain is definitely worth considering.

- Extremely thick and heavy chain

- Flexibility of locking to more things (park bench, lamp post, etc.)

- Lock barrel is much larger than it looks in the picture (~4 inches long)

- Covered chain and lock to prevent scratches

- Very heavy to carry (almost 3kg), I wrap it around the seat post when riding

- This chain (90cm) cannot be slung over shoulders, and you need to be fairly slim to wear it around the waist

- Too short to lock both wheels and frame, I lock the back wheel and frame

I would definitely recommend this chain, the links are huge, the lock is heavy with full steel casing, the internal bolt is solid, it comes with 3 keys and it's more flexible to use than a U-lock, and much more awkward and tricky to attack.

*** on 28/11/2012

1. If someone steals my bike the insurance company will probably pay out

2. It is more likely to deter a casual thief than a less impressive looking lock

1. It's expensive, although Merlin's price is the best I found.

2. It's very heavy. The irony here is that the more expensive usually means the lighter is ones cycle, but the heavier the lock one is obliged to carry.

A better solution is for the police catch the thieves and punish them which deters further theft... and ends all this needless inconvenience and expense. Why did nobody think of that?

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