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Kurt Kinetic Trainers

Kurt Kinetic trainers have earned themselves quite a reputation for quality and function since they launched into the UK a few years ago. The American company is so confident of their reputation they offer a lifetime guarantee on their indoor trainers. There are no virtual partners or electric wires coming from these trainers; if you want an honest workout without the electronic gizmos these are the trainers for you. Solid build, quiet, smooth and stable in use, training sessions are very realistic with resistance increasing as speed rises – this is one trainer you will not spin out on.


The Rock and Roll trainer allows you to move from side to side during training sessions and is most noticeable towards the end of the workout when you start to throw the bike around. It’s recommended to use the Turntable riser ring with this model to allow your front wheel to move around for a more realistic feel.


Kurt Kinetic trainers may be pricey for a standard trainer but they are one of the best out there and well worth the initial outlay, ask anyone who owns one and they will recommend it.  If you want a no-nonsense indoor trainer built to last with a realistic feel then go for a Kurt Kinetic.

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