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LeMond Trainers

LeMond reinvented indoor trainers when they launched several years ago. Instead of placing the complete bike onto the trainer, simply remove the rear wheel and place the trainer into the dropouts. The bike chain goes round the cassette on the trainer in the normal way which in effect becomes the rear wheel on the bike eliminating wheel and tire wear. Resistance is created via a weighted flywheel and fan and is transferred through the trainer’s hub to recreate all the characteristics of riding on the road.

The unit is very stable and doesn’t move around even under heavy sprinting and as the bike is level there’s no need to buy a riser block either. Supplied with a Shimano 11 speed freehub and spacers to run 10 speed SRAM or Shimano cassettes, please note – you will need to buy a cassette as well.

Highly rated in magazine tests and by users, if you want something a little different to while away the miles in the winter, you won’t be disappointed with a LeMond trainer.

And in case you are wondering, yes the company was started by the American Tour de France winner Greg LeMond.

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