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Lezyne Macro Drive Front LED Light

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Compact, poweful and very affordable. The ideal road, commuter and MTB light.
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Up to 300 lumen out-put in a lightweight, durable CNC machined aluminium body with side visibility cuts and MOR Optics. Never get left in the dark, the Intelligent Power Indicator button allows the user to check the power level at any time. Simple to use, Micro USB cable for USB recharging of the built-in Li-ion battery. Easily mounted with no tools required, fits a wide range of handlebar diameters via a snap-fit Composite Matrix mount that is secured with a multi -position, silicon strap.

Available as: Front ; Front-Micro Drive Rear pair.

Colours: Anodised Polished Black; Polished Anodised Silver.
• Rechargable Front light
• Road/Commute/MTB back up/Time Trial
• No wires design, clutter free handlebars.
• Up to 300 genuine lumens output
• Mode sequence optimised for daily rider. 5 settings

1) Enduro (medium): 200 lumens/4.5hrs
2) Blast (high): 300 lumens/3hrs
3) Economy (low): 100 lumens/9hrs
4) Rapid flash: 200 lumens / 9hrs
5) Slow flash: 200 lumens / 9hrs

• Simple to re-charge, Micro USB charging cable included (common EU standard)
• Easy to fit: no tools required, silicon band and Composite Matrix snap fit bracket
• Quality materials: CNC alloy body; Composite Matrix end cap
• Highly water resistant, O-ring sealed to FL1 standard
• Side visibility design improves safety
• Uniform beam pattern: even distribution of light optimised for cycling
• High Quality Lezyne Lithium Ion Battery (built in) LIR18650
• Battery indicator: traffic light style intelligent power button when riding
• Battery check: with light off, charge can be checked with quick press of button
• Small: 26mm diameter x102mm
• Lightweight: 108g with handlebar bracket
• Helmet mount accessory available separately

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***** on 18/11/2014

Great light. Easy to mount and switch between bikes. Beam is strong and wide enough to brighten the road ahead, as well as to be seen by motorists. Build quality is good as always from lezyne. Delivery was very quick

***** on 17/11/2014

Excellent so far, the super-charge mode has lit up more than I imagined it would of the road ahead and enough to ride out in total darkness around the back roads where I live, while the flashing mode has been more than bright enough to get me seen. hope it holds up for more than one season but feels robust and is looking promising.

***** on 12/11/2014

Great light for the darker months on road. Easy to install and use. Even in bright conditions this is visible. I also use this on my helmet when MTB'ing to compliment my main bike light.

***** on 13/09/2014

So far very good, was bought for my commute but has worked well on midweek rides that have finished in the dark.

***** on 12/12/2013

Excellent light. More than sufficient light for my commute. Race mode is quite handy (allows you to switch the light between economy and brightest with one touch while you are riding through dark sections and one touch to put it back again). Only minor inconvenience I've noticed is that the mounting uses stretchy wrap around which means it does have a tendancy to move around a bit while cliping on and taking off on my handlebars.

**** on 12/11/2013

I have only just started using this product but found it easy to install and very powerful light for the price. Well worth the money

**** on 15/10/2013

Easy to charge up with USB and fits well on handlebars. Found scrolling through the sequences took a little to get used to, but comes back on at last setting. Indiciator light is very usefull and still had couple of hours on red flashing.

***** on 09/10/2013

Very good light for night riding. I use this for my road bike as my 'I can see' light and it has been fantastic. USB charger is ver convenient.

Merlin as always had it with me within 36 hours. Top Service

***** on 22/02/2013

A great get me home front light, very bright and lasts a good time even on full setting. Very good service from Merlin Cyles, arrived very promptly and at a nice price.

***** on 03/02/2013

Perfect light for dark winter commutes, for me. Nice and small, easy to charge up via the USB while you're at work all day and bright enough to both let drivers see you and also light up the roads where it's needed.

***** on 27/01/2013

Cracking little light especially at Merlin's price. Easily enough light for my commute, which includes some dark park stretches as well as lit streets. If I was regularly doing long training rides on country roads in the dark I'd probably want something with a bit more power but that's not really what it's for. Small, light and apparently well made, reasonable power/batter life compromise. A few too many options to cycle through though (e.g. two different flashing modes) and I haven't decided yet whether the bracket is an afterthought or a clever bit of minimalist design. Tends to move about a bit but that could be because it's sitting on the bit where my bars taper. Charging cord could maybe be a bit longer but I'm nitpicking now.

***** on 22/01/2013

Small put powerful. The handlebar bracket is a bit cheap which is a shame but I haven't had any problems with it other than having to adjust the light angle after clipping it in. If it does become looser with age then an extra rubber band might be needed for security. However, on my experience so far I would certainly recommend this light.

***** on 09/01/2013

I find this light very convenient to use with the USB recharge. The light is bright enough to get me home along country lanes in the dark, I also feel confident being seen with the bright flashes during the darker winter daytime. The light is lightweight and has stayed mounted to the handlebars without coming off. It has also been useful as a very bright torch around the house!

***** on 08/01/2013

Classy piece of kit. Great light for the price. No issue with falling off yet. I feel the rubber retainer will absorb a lot of the bumps that might dislodge it.

***** on 30/10/2012

Excellent power, nice features, good value for money.

***** on 17/10/2012

Cracking bit if kit! The 300 lumen output is bright and well focused with just a bit of spill around the edges. The cut out on the sides makes for a useful bit of side visibility at junctions etc. Plus on the dark country lanes my shifters cast a massive shadow in the hedges!
Was a bit concerned about the mount, but no need to be. The light snaps in very securely, and does not move about. Would even consider strapping this to my helmet as an extra light for MTB.
Power meter on the button is a good addition, but so far I've yet to see it drop to 50% on a rider. Have tested in indoors though, and it does work, and the burn times look to be accurate.
All in all, pretty perfect for my night time road work.

***** on 09/10/2012

Really impressed with this light . It offers great visibility and the fitting is simple all at a reasonable price too

**** on 09/10/2012

Great product and fantastic (quick) service from Merlin, at a price I couldn't beat anywhere else. I am being extremely pedantic by only giving it 4 stars, as for on-road use it cannot be faulted, but I do have concerns about it staying in the cradle off-road.

***** on 09/10/2012

Very pleased with this light. Neat, compact, well-built. Lezyne gear is usually great quality and this is no exception.

After a couple of weeks in use I think the beam intensity and spread is good (with no obvious dark patches). Battery life is good and charged via a neat little usb cable. Great for commuting and good enough for casual trail riding - I use it bar-mounted and twinned with a helmet light.

My only criticism is there is no way to fit a lanyard (such as on Exposure joystick) - just for the added reassurance it is not going to fly off in a crash.
Superb value and Merlin's service was excellent - arriving less than two days from placing order.

***** on 20/09/2012

Excellent little light and nothing else needed for the road. I also use it as a helmet mount offroad to compliment my bar mounted big light.

***** on 18/09/2012

Fantastic product and price. Delivery as very fast, as always with Merlin.

***** on 18/09/2012

A real nice looking light, not had chance to test it in the dark night commute yet but feeling pretty confident.

***** on 14/09/2012

brill light just need dark nights to get the best out of it

***** on 12/09/2012

This is a fantastic front light. Well made, extremely bright and great value. Exceeded my expectations. Highly recommended.

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