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Lezyne Pressure Drive Mini Pump

RRP: $38.71
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RRP: $38.71
Save 17%
In stock
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RRP: $38.71
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RRP: $38.71
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Lezyne Pressure Drive Mini Pump - Medium.
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Code: L-1-MP-PRSDR
  • 100% CNC-machined aluminum construction
  • Oversized piston and shaft integrated into a compact overall design
  • Reversible Presta/Schrader hose stows inside handle when not in use
  • Inflates to riding pressure with 30% fewer strokes than conventional pumps
  • 120psi/8.3 bar max
  • Medium - 107g

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**** on 28/04/2015

Perfect pump for a road bike - buy the medium size and you can get up to decent pressures if doing an emergency tube change. The only problem I have had is when unscrewing the tube from the valve the valve core unscrewed and let all the air our the tube.

***** on 15/12/2014

Excellent quality, not too heavy. Amazed the pressure you can get your tyre to on the hop.

***** on 12/11/2014

Great mini pump. You can reach 100psi with less strokes and less effort than usual mini pumps

***** on 03/11/2014

Excellent lightweight pump that does what it says it does. Great idea to offer different colours. Easy to attach to bike and does not get in the way. Fast delivery.

***** on 07/10/2014

High quality as usual from Lezyne and used on the first trip out. Good pressure and enough to complete the 25 miles back. Merlin service and price excellent.

***** on 19/09/2014

Nice pump. Looks good, works great. Small, light weight and easy to use. Well engineered.

***** on 16/07/2014

Nice build quality, robust.

***** on 01/07/2014

A very nice little pump. Feels solid in construction. The extra hose means there are less bent valves aswell. works well for off road and on

***** on 31/05/2014

Excellent quality pump. I bought this because of the separate pump-to-valve attachment as I find it easier to inflate tyre than with direct valve attachment pumps. It means you can hold the pump and concentrate on pumping rather than trying to keep the pump on the valve without it wobbling around (and potentially damaging presta valves). Comes with a good quality bracket that attaches under bottle cage if that makes a difference to you.

***** on 21/05/2014

Small pump that appears to be well made. The connecting hose, although looking dated, is well thought out and makes using the pump much easier.

***** on 14/05/2014

This has to be one of the best mini pumps on the market. Solid sturdy metal construction and unique adapter allows you to get a good high pressure into tyres. The bottle cage mount with its additional velcro strap to ensure it doesn't fall off is great. So good that I've purchased a second pump for the wife!

***** on 08/04/2014

Absolutely spot on pump. Bought a second one for the other bike.

***** on 19/03/2014

After my last Lezyne pump died a death underneath a lorry that was following me after it fell out of my back pocket I had no hesitation in buying another. Well made and easy enough to get your tyre up to pressure. Some people may call the hose connecter old fashioned but I don't, the amount of times I've damaged a valve when I've been pumping furiously using other pumps is unreal. A great pump at a great price. I will now however be attaching it to my bike using the clamp that came with it ( which is also well thought out and made) Sod "The rules", a pumps no good if it's been squished by a lorry !

***** on 08/01/2014

One of those things we all hope will prove purely ornamental, and from that point of view it really fits the bill - looks good on the bike. The attachment is also easy to fit.

***** on 23/08/2013

Great functionality, low weight and easy to use. Great Price.

***** on 08/07/2013

I took some reviews of this pump before purchasing. As ever, Merlin were extermely price competative and I knew their dispatch times would be brilliant, so no hesitation on pushing the button to buy.

The pump itself is small, robust and performs excellently. The red colour is not a deep red, but certainly not an issue for me.

Fantastic service and a good product

***** on 22/05/2013

Great service from Merlin and a great pump. Much better idea to use an external hose rather than pumping direct onto the valve. Only weakness is the velcro strap used to attach it to the frame. This has a metal clasp which rattles on rough roads. (For 5 minutes I thought my wheel was falling apart!) It's easy to work around though and shouldn't put you off.

***** on 25/04/2013

Nice compact pump that is unobtrusive on the bike and backed up with 5 star service from Merlin.

***** on 26/11/2012

Great quality and looks great. It is lightweightbut works better than it should.
Excellent pump.

***** on 03/11/2012

Bought this pump after reading many reviews but not yet had a punture whilst on a ride. Pump seems well made and is very light. It fits easily into a jersey back pocket.

***** on 28/09/2012

I had another mini pump but it was limited. I read a review which said that the Lezyne pump is the best on the market - it is. A wee big bigger than others but it still fits easily into the back pocket. Thorougly recommended.

**** on 29/08/2012

Works very well and quality is good however, the handle and adaptor rattles when fixed to the bike during rides.

***** on 16/08/2012

Well made pump. works great. fits neatly on the bike.

***** on 12/07/2012

Brilliant pump. I can get my road tyres to around 80psi without any effort. 100psi takes a bit of force, but that's still easy to do, because the hose fitting allows you to use both hands to grip the pump. Beyond that it gets tougher, but I'm sure 120+ is reachable if you can be bothered!

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