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  1. Bike Lights

    Bike Lights

Modern bike lights are a world away from previous versions. Each year they get smaller, lighter and more importantly, brighter. The use of LED’s has revolutionised bike lights with staggering outputs now available from the smallest of lights. Most front lights are now rechargeable with many having small batteries in the lamp unit, doing away with bulky batteries and cables, unless you are looking for huge power over a longer period and even then the batteries are relatively small. Rear lights are small and unobtrusive but incredibly bright with a range of flashing options and are relatively inexpensive so there’s no excuse not to have one.

All budgets are catered for so whether you are looking for a small commuting light to be seen or the latest mega lumen (visible light emitted by a source is measured in lumens so the higher the number the brighter the light) product for off-road night riding, it’s all in here.

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