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Maxxis Tyres

Visit bike shop Merlin Cycles for the huge range of Maxxis mountain bike tyres. Available in kevlar or wire bead, UST and 29er options, and with different rubber compounds for different riding conditions, with models High Roller, 70A, 60A and 62a Exception, High Roller II Exo60A, 42a Super Tacky and 3C, Larsen Mimo and TT, Medusa 70A and 62a, Ignitor, Exception 62a, Beaver 29er 60a/70C,WetScream Super Tacky, Ikon 29er eXCeption and Minion DHF and DHR. With sizes ranging from 1.8" to 2.4" you can find your pefect Maxxis mountainbike tyre at online bike shop Merlin Cycles. Free UK shipping is available and also free worldwide delivery options.

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