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Moon Meteor Front LED Light

Moon Meteor Front LED Light
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Moon Meteor Front LED Light
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Code: LAA670

 Moon Meteor - LED - FRONT Bike Light - USB Rechargeable

  • Model number: LAA670
  • Technical Features:
  • Internal Li ion battery
  • USB rechargeable
  • 2 Hour USB charge time
  • Full beam 1 3/4 hours
  • Flashing 7 hours
  • High precision optical lens
  • Flashing & constant modes
  • Quick release bracket
  • Quick release helmet mount
  • Low battery indicator
  • Full charge cut off system
  • Heat sink cooling
  • Includes Rubber handlebar mounting strap, helmet mount and USB charge lead

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***** on 13/04/2015

My lead-acid-battery-powered front headlights finally gave up the ghost. It's incredible how much technology has moved on - this matchbox-sized light was absolutely fine on unlit rural roads on a moonless night, even on the lowest setting (though I was just trundling around - higher settings probably better when going at speed, and needing a bit more warning of potholes).
Merlin had the cheapest price and delivered really quickly. Happy customer!

***** on 25/03/2015

This is the 200 Lumen version - which translates to a very very bright light (check the manufacturers website for pics). USB rechargeable - so no more hassle with batteries. The mounting is quick and easy - I never take it off the clamp, just unstrap the whole thing.
Easily adjustable - vertically as well as horizontally. Merlincycles offers it at a great price and delivery was lightning fast.

***** on 12/03/2015

Great lights!
Small, lightweight, bright enough for pitch black lanes, USB rechargable, look good and easy to use. 5 stars.

***** on 28/02/2015

Killer light, obscenely bright. The button and functions are a little obscure but when you figure it out its amazing.

***** on 26/02/2015

Great light. Bright enough to see by, easily bright enough to be seen by. Small and compact, decent fittings. I use on helmet and on handlebars depending on conditions. Flashing mode lasts a week of commuting. Useful USB recharge.

***** on 24/02/2015

Great little light. I have a 15mile commute. Full brightness unlit lanes, mid brightness setting probably ok for most people. Beam coverage is acceptably broad. Easy to charge via USB. If I lost this one, I'd buy another without hesitation.

***** on 23/02/2015

This is my second purchase of this light (as a gift this time). I also own one and have used it for the last 18 months (during the winter) and it has been great for my commutes in the dark on unlit country roads. I have used up to an hour on my commute on full beam and although the red battery light can come on within 30 mins or so in the cold, it has never died during my commute. Would definitely recommend as a good budget light which enables you to see and be seen.

***** on 17/02/2015

Great little light. Packs a massive punch for it's size. Ideal for both urban (on low setting!)and rural usage, both of which feature during my commute. I would highly recommend this light for commuting, forget the mega-lumen beasts, this is as much as you'll need, unless you're doing serious night time off-road.

***** on 07/02/2015

Excellent product - the second one I've bought!

***** on 05/02/2015

Really bright for it's size. With this you can get by on the road even if there are no streetlights.

***** on 28/01/2015

This is a great little light(a bit bigger than a matchbox). I use it helmet mounted as a second light for MTB trails and it performs really well. It would also make a great light for commuting

***** on 27/01/2015

Incredible little unit. Really packs a punch, in a nice focussed beam. Helmet mount seems sturdy although I haven't used it. The rubber mount can also rotate so you can put the spot of light exactly where you want it. For a road cycling or commuter light I can't see anything better. Especially for the price at Merlin.

***** on 20/11/2014

6 rides in along a pitch black canal path in places and I am happy. The key thing is the long throw of the beam as it stretches, as Moon states, further than you would expect at this price, much further so good at speed. Super solid construction yet light enough to barely notice on my helmet mount. Brilliant.

***** on 21/10/2014

Fantastic rechargeable light. Very bright even on its dimmest setting. Handy Flash rate indication and battery state led on the top. I use this as a main light for generally well lit commuting however others have used it for unlit tracks and had no complaints.

***** on 04/09/2014

Great little light. Good to be seen by and bright enough to toodle along unlit country roads.

***** on 19/02/2013

In my opinion Moon make the best range of bike lights. I actually use this as an additional 'helmet light', with a Moon Shield 60 mounted on the rear of the helmet. This would make a mor than adequate 'main' commuter light though. More than bright enough even for winter / bad weather commuting. Drivers should have no excuse for spotting you coming towards them with this going. Helmet mount seems secure. Run times seem as advertised; though it does need regular charging, easy and handy via USB.

Ideal for commuting, excellent price for this item with 10% discount from Merlin

***** on 26/01/2013

Super light for a good price. Has five modes, you can choose a steady beam with three different brightnesses or have flashing or strobe. Very bright on full, easy to mount and rechargeable. Not sure about battery life yet, but as long as it's fully charged, should last for hours on a lower power or flashing. Brilliant

***** on 08/01/2013

This light is compact, very bright and absolutely amazing value for money! Costs almost double in my local bike store. As usual, very quick delivery from Merlin!

***** on 03/01/2013

Amazing! Seriously versatile. Light but solid. Small. More powerful and greater spread than lights twice the price. Also, due to USB charging you can pretty much source charging from anywhere. If I did it again, I'd buy three, two for headlights and one for helmet. This would give as much as way more expensive lights at a fraction of price and make riding in complete darkness a real pleasure

***** on 01/11/2012

I am extremely pleased with this light. It offers very good illumination for such a small, neat and convenient unit (better than my old 15w halogen) and respectable run time. I use a high power LED for regular night rides along country lanes but this is so small and light that it is perfect to carry on rides where you may need to finish in the dark or for regular urban night riding.

***** on 01/11/2012

Great little front light with all the flash and steady settings you'll ever need (even an SOS!). 3 levels of steady light to optimise battery life against ambient conditions. On max setting it is suprisingly bright for its quoted output - enough for my 15mph rides on unlit country lanes. USB. Minor gripe for me is it needs smaller adjustments for lateral movement - the preset notches when you twist the light on its mount are too far apart so the light ends up pointing at at the the hedges and not the road. Not a biggie tho as straight ahead is fine on my bike.

***** on 27/10/2012

Great light for the money and then some especially with the discount, so far I have used it five f times and tried all the settings, strobe is good if a little to aggresive for commuting the other solid beams work well with the highest setting requiring carefull placement to not dazzle other traffic.

Beam spread is impressive for such a small unit and although it states it is for the helmet it is more than capable of being a main light.

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