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Mountain Bike Accessories

  1. Headsets

    Mountain Bike Headsets
  2. Mountain Bike Handlebar Grips

    Mountain Bike Handlebar Grips
  3. Mountain Bike Bar Ends

    Mountain Bike Bar Ends
  4. Mountain Bike Brake & Gear Cables

    Mountain Bike Brake & Gear Cables

Headsets Headsets are available in a wide variety of types (standard, integrated, external and press fit) and sizes (1&1/8, 1.25 and 1.5”), as well as colours. Type is determined by the headtube on the frame so check compatibility before purchase. Top caps in many colours, alloy and carbon spacers, star nuts and reducers are also available separately. Merlin Cycles stock headsets and related accessories from brands including A2Z, BBB, Cane Creek, FSA, Ritchey, Tifosi and Hope.

Handlebar Grips Handlebar grips are available in a range of sizes, thickness, styles, materials and colours to suit all tastes and budgets. Choose from simple push on rubber grips to the latest lock-on style which are held securely by allen key bolts at each end or grips with built in bar ends for more comfort, Merlin Cycles stock mountain bike handlebar grips from brands including DMR, Ergon, Hope, Outland, Portland Design Works, Race Face, SDG, and Lizard Skins.

Bar Ends Handlebar bar ends offer more hand positions on mountain bike or flat bars. They allow the hands to grip at 90 degrees to the bar and are better for climbing or alternating the grip position on longer rides. They clamp round the end of the bar or in some cases are part of the actual grip for smoother connectivity. Merlin Cycles stock bar ends and accessories from brands including BBB, Cane Creek, Easton, Hope, Lizard Skins, Ritchey and Ergon.

Cables Gear and brake inner cables stretch through time and need replacing if at all damaged. Available individually or as part of a complete inner and outer set for front, rear or both. Outer cable is available by the metre in a range of colours just don’t mix gear with brake or vice versa. Don’t forget to clamp the ends to stop them from fraying. Merlin Cycles stock inner and outer gear cables plus all related spares from Clarks and Shimano.

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