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Disc Brake Spares Most parts of a disc brake system can be bought separately making replacing parts cheaper and easier. Whether you need a rotor, hose, pads, mount, hub adaptor, bolts, fluids or bleed kit, all major brands sell a comprehensive range of spares. Merlin Cycles stock disc brake spares from major brands including Ashima, Avid, EBC, Formula, Hayes, Hope and Shimano.

Mountain Bike Disc Brakes Disc brakes are exactly the same type of system as on a motor vehicle; pulling the lever pushes the pads against the rotor on the wheel hub to slow down. They are available in hydraulic or cable versions to suit all budgets. Each part of the disc system; lever, caliper, rotor (disc), hydraulic oil or cable, and hose is replaceable for easier servicing or replacement. Merlin Cycles stock mountain bike disc brakes from major brands including Avid, Formula, Hayes, Hope, Magura and Shimano.

V-Brake Kits V-brake kits include the brake levers and matching cantilever arms in a set. Buying them together saves money and means getting a matching lever and cantilever in terms of performance and compatibility.  This also means having matching colours of components for those that care about that sort of thing.  Merlin Cycles stock V-brakes kits from the world’s biggest bicycle component manufacturer Shimano.

V-Brake Pads V-brake pads are traditional rim type pads and are available in two formats; either as a simple replacement cartridge pad or as a complete pad and holder unit. There are slight variations between manufacturers and groupsets so please check compatibility before ordering. Merlin Cycles stock V-brake pads from Shimano and BBB suitable for most types V brake cantilever arms.

V Brakes V brakes are the traditional cantilever system operated by cable where the brake pad pushes against the rim to slow the bike. They are cheaper and lighter than discs making them perfect for XC racing.  These systems are also available as separate parts so if you need to replace the lever, brake calipers, cables or pads then they can be easily switched out. Merlin Cycles stock V-brakes from major brands including Shimano, Tektro and TRP.

V-Brake levers  V-brake levers are available in several types; traditional mountain bike flat bar, centre mount for cyclo cross bikes, and aero drop bar for road bikes. They are all V-Brake specific as they all pull the correct increased amount of cable needed for V brake cantilevers. Merlin Cycles stock V-brake levers from Shimano and Tektro for flat and drop bar bikes.

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