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Mountain Bike Disc Brakes

  1. Formula Disc Brakes

    Formula Disc Brakes
  2. Shimano Disc Brakes

    Shimano Disc Brakes
  3. Avid Disc Brakes

    Sram & Avid Disc Brakes
  4. Hope Disc Brakes

    Hope Disc Brakes

Formula Disc Brakes Italian company Formula have been making disc brakes for mountain bikes since 1993. They also make brakes for motorbikes so there’s a lot of research and shared knowledge going into every product. They are credited with the making the world’s lightest mountain bike disc brake, the R1 Racing, which shares many similarities with brakes throughout the range. Merlin Cycles stock the following Formula disc brake ranges; RO, R1, RX and TX in all variations.

Shimano Disc Brakes Shimano mountain bike disc brakes are pretty much regarded as the industry standard. With many innovative features and lots of trickle down technology, each brake is the result of a lot of R&D and testing by the world’s best riders in all mountain bike disciplines. Shimano make a brake suitable for all types of riding and budgets with no compromise in quality. Merlin Cycles stock the following Shimano disc brake ranges; Deore, SLX, XT, XTR, Saint and Zee.

Hayes Disc Brakes Hayes have been making mountain bike disc brakes since 1997 but have also been making brakes for companies like Harley-Davidson for decades. This dedication to hydraulic brakes has helped them to produce some of the finest brakes available. Staff are encouraged to test ride all their products giving real world feedback as well as lab and pro rider testing. Merlin Cycles stock the following Hayes disc brake ranges; Dyno, Prime and Stroker in many variations.

Avid Disc Brakes Avid are part of the SRAM corporation so you can expect the same standards of excellence and innovation in their disc brakes. They were one of the original mountain bike disc brake manufacturers and remain at the forefront not only in technology terms but in ease of use and fitting and constantly striving to make better brakes. Merlin Cycles stock the following Avid disc brake ranges; Elixir 1, 5, 7, 9, XO and XO Trail Carbon

Hope Disc Brakes Proudly designed, tested and manufactured in the UK, Hope disc brakes have a reputation for engineering excellence and superior quality. Used by all kinds of mountain bikers the world over, all Hope products are designed to be the best available. The range of colours is impressive as is the accessory range so you can colour match a lot of parts. Merlin Cycles stock the following Hope disc brake ranges; Tech 3, Stealth Tech Evo X2 & M4 and Stealth Race Evo X2 in all variations.

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