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Mountain Bike Handlebars & Stems

  1. Mountain Bike Handlebar Stems

    Mountain Bike Handlebar Stems
  2. Mountain Bike Riser Bars

    Mountain Bike Riser Bars
  3. Mountain Bike Flat Handlebars

    Mountain Bike Flat Handlebars

Mountain Bike Handlebar Stems Handlebar stems have a massive influence on control and comfort so ensure you get the right length and height for your size and riding style. Stems for XC riding tend to be longer and lower while for more aggressive riding shorter stems offer better control. For DH, direct mount stems attach directly to the top crown on triple clamp forks. Merlin Cycles stock mountain bike handlebar stems from Easton, Hope, Race Face, Truvativ, FSA and Thomson

Mountain Bike Riser Bars Riser bars feature a pronounced upsweep which comes in low, medium or high versions. They offer more control than flat bars thanks to the shape and extra width.  Available in carbon or alloy in many different widths with the current trend being that more aggressive riding styles (DH, Enduro etc) use a wider handlebar. Colour choice is pretty impressive too. Merlin Cycles stock mountain bike riser bars in all variations from Ritchey, Easton and Race Face.

Mountain Bike Flat Handlebars Flat handlebars are the traditional shape of mountain bike handlebars. Seen more on cross country bikes these days they weigh less and work better with bar ends for more hand positions. Available in carbon and alloy in several widths and upsweeps to suit most budgets and tastes. Merlin Cycles stock mountain bike flat handlebars from one of the oldest and most respected brands in the business - Easton.

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