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Mountain Bike Parts

  1. Mountain Bike Brakes

    Mountain Bike Brakes & Bike Parts
  2. Mountain Bike Saddles & Seatposts

    Mountain Bike Saddles & Seatposts
  3. Mountain Bike Handlebars & Stems

    Mountain Bike Bars & Stems
  4. Mountain Bike Accessories

    Mountain Bike Accessories
  5. Mountain Bike Transmission & Gears

    Mountain Bike Gears

Mountain Bike Brakes There are two types of mountain bike brakes; disc and V brake. Disc systems offer better braking in all conditions but more expensive and slightly heavier. V brakes are lighter and cheaper but performance is not as good as discs. A wide range of spares are available for both types making servicing and replacement easier and cheaper. Merlin Cycles stock major mountain bike brake brands including Avid, Formula, Hayes, Hop, Magura and Shimano.

Mountain Bike Saddles & Seatposts Finding the right saddle is very important but the choice of seatpost can also affect comfort. Seatpost material, length and layback all play a part in determining comfort and as well as the saddle. Often overlooked, try and ride a bike without a seatpost collar and you’ll see how important they are. Merlin Cycles stock mountain bike saddles, seatposts and seatpost collars from major brands including, Easton, Hope, Fizik, Race Face, Ritchey, Rock Shox, SDG, Selle Italia and Thomson.

Mountain Bike Handlebars & Stems The handlebar and stem combination affects your riding comfort and control more than you think. Too long or too short a stem will have a massive effect while bar width and shape is also a determining factor. Type of bike and riding style will also contribute to bar and stem choice. Then there are the colour options... Merlin Cycles stock mountain bike handlebars and stems from major brands including Easton, Hope, Race Face, Ritchey and Thomson.

Mountain Bike Accessories Headsets are a vital but often overlooked component; luckily we have a variety of headsets and related spares and accessories. Handlebar grips come in a staggering array of shapes, sizes and colours while bar ends are available in a multitude of ingenious shapes. Gear and brake inner and outer cables and all related accessories are in here. Merlin Cycles stock a wide range of mountain bike accessories from brands including Cane Creek, Ergon, FSA, Hope, Race Face, Ritchey and Shimano.

Mountain Bike Transmission and Gears Mountain bike transmission and gear parts include front derailleur (mech), rear derailleur (mech), chainset (crankset), bottom bracket, cassette, chain and gear levers.  They are available individually or for better value together as a groupset. Chainrings and jockey wheels are easily replaced while chain guides and bash guards help prevent damage. There’s also a wide choice of flat or clipless pedals as well as a single speed section. Merlin Cycles stock mountain bike transmission and gear parts from many companies including Easton, Hope, e.thirteen, SRAM and Shimano.

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