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Mountain Bike Pedals

  1. Time Pedals

    Time Pedals
  2. Look MTB Pedals

    Look MTB Pedals
  3. Flat Pedals

    Flat Pedals
  4. Crank Brothers Pedals

    Crank Brothers Pedals
  5. Shimano SPD Pedals

    Shimano SPD Pedals & Mountain Bike Pedals

Time Pedals Time clipless mountain bike pedals feature the most float for any mountain bike pedal on the market. This means the foot can move laterally as well as rotationally before disengaging from the pedal reducing stress on the knees. With pedals to suit all budgets and a reputation for excellence, you won’t go wrong with Time pedals.

Look MTB Pedals Look were the originators of clipless pedal systems for bikes and their years of experience on and off-road shows in the latest generation of mountain bike pedals. Solid build in a range of styles as well as an ingenious ‘cage’ which attaches to certain models to make them into a traditional flat style pedal offers lots of versatility.

Flat Pedals Flat pedals are the traditional style pedal which is ideal for when you just want to go out for a spin without the need for any specialist cycling shoes or don’t like to be clipped in.  Many downhill and dirt jump riders favour flats as they can move their foot around and take them off the pedals much easier. Merlin Cycles stock flat pedals from major brands including BBB, Ergon, e-thirteen, Wellgo, Shimano, DMR and Hope.

Crank Bothers Pedals Crank Brothers have built a massive following in a very short space of time with their pedals. The minimalist design saves weight and offers some of the best mud shedding characteristics in off-road clipless pedals.  A wide range of pedals suitable for beginner to professional means they can offer a pedal for every rider no matter the level or discipline

Shimano SPD Pedals Shimano were the first company to enter the off road clipless pedal market with their SPD range and has remained at the top of the pile ever since. The ease of use, value for money, excellent reliability and back up service, and too many awards and magazine test wins to mention has made them a favourite with mountain bikers worldwide for good reason.

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