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If there is one piece of kit which can help make road cycling in bad weather more comfortable, ie more bearable, it’s the humble mudguard. Keeping spray off the body helps keep you drier for longer and therefore can make a huge difference to your comfort and temperature regulation. This is also handy in mechanical terms as it can keep dirt and grit away from the frame and some vulnerable parts prolonging the life of the bike.

Road bikes with mudguard eyelets should use the traditional mudguards which are available in several widths for use with different tyre widths. If you haven’t got mudguard eyelets on your bike then fear not as there are now plenty of alternatives. Several companies now make mudguards suitable for close clearance road bikes which simply clip on to attachments on the stays or forks and brake caliper bolt and are thin enough to fit between frame and tyre but still provide enough coverage to keep the water away. They are easy to fit, weigh nothing and can be removed n a few minutes if needed.

Mountain bike mudguards are different from road bike ones. Front fenders, to give them their American name, attach to the fork crown and work with suspension forks. The new style neoprene guard which sits between the fork stanchions to stop the mud coming up. Or you could go for the trusty Crud Guard which sits on the down tube. Rear mudguards are attached to the seat post and are suitable for hard tail and full suspension frames as long as you don’t have them too low.

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