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Pair Panaracer Fire XC Pro Folding MTB Tyres & Tubes - 26" x 2.1"

Pair Panaracer Fire XC Pro Folding MTB Tyres & Tubes - 26" x 2.1"
RRP: $88.53
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Pair Panaracer Fire XC Pro Kevlar tyres in 26" x 2.1 size plus 2 free inner tubes.
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  • In stock
  • Panaracer Fire XC Pro Tyres
  • Folding kevlar bead
  • 26 x 2.1"
  • Black or Red available
  • 2 x free presta valve inner tubes
  • Top-Quality 127TPI
  • New TLC Tubeless ready compound and bead
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***** on 19/03/2015

Excellent grip in all terrain well worth the money for the confidence it gives you

***** on 30/12/2014

These tyres are very grippy. Best traction through mud I've had on my boardman and they look great too.

***** on 16/12/2014

Excellent value. Need to keep pressure low when muddy.

***** on 03/10/2014

I have been using these tyres for over ten years,you can't get a better all round tyre.Hard wearing, excellent cornering and climbing,never had a pinch puncture.Fantastic value at what Merlin are selling them for a pair including tubes.Ordered Thursday teatime delivered Saturday morning !

***** on 27/08/2014

I really rate these tyres highly,have just purchased my fourth pair, I like good singletrack and find they hug the track in wet and dry conditions well and very good on corners, If you want a tyre that is fast and grips to the tracks well then choose the FireXc Pro, good reliable tyre at a good price too

***** on 16/08/2014

Bought these tyres on recommendation and having used them once at Cannock found the grip very good.

***** on 04/08/2014

Was dubious of going from a 2.3 tyre to what is quite a skinny 2.1.
This tyre, however, is fantastic. Really grippy and confidence inspiring.
Rolls easily, but is noisey on roads. I kept wondering if it was flat due to the flappy noise they make.
Off road they are superb.

***** on 28/06/2014

Great all round tyres. Very happy!

***** on 17/05/2014

Tyres are great in everything but deep mud had rocket rons on before these and these tyres give you so much more confidence in the bends on single track. Would definitely buy again especially at this price

***** on 11/02/2014

So glad I picked these tyres off the back of most reviews on here, they were delivered within two days of order and I am made up with my purchase.
Only had them out a couple of times, track and road and they are a great all round tyre.
A fully recommended bargain!!

***** on 23/01/2014

I was worred about the 2.1 size of these tyres but after their first "test" at Afan I found they performed better than the Nobby Nics they replaced.
I was far more confident with these and attacked the trails harder than ever.
I would definitely buy them again.
I bought the red ones which did arrive looking a bit pink due to a white coating which was easily scrubbed off - they look superb.

***** on 31/12/2013

I've been using these tires for years and they are great all rounders and I ride them all year. Good grip in the mud and don't wear quickly. Great service from Merlin as always!

**** on 12/11/2013

Got these to help my partner gain confidence in wet weather as the standard tyres that came with her bike were terrible in anything other than bone dry conditions. First time out in wet and slimy conditions and she loved the improved grip! Riding on the standard trail centre surface mostly with some mud and her confidence was far higher. This deal came with 2 free inner tubes as well, making it a proper bargain! Usual speedy delivery I've come to expect from all online stores.

***** on 10/11/2013

Panaracer Fire XC Pro 2.1, great grip levels, especially in corners. Allow rider to carry speed without rolling resistance, and they are attractive especially the red one. High quality, great value and look great too. Bargain at Merlincycles.

***** on 02/11/2013

This is my second set of Fire XC Pros. They are excellent all round tyres which give great grip on a variety of terrain including boggy peat , wet rock and damp roots. The anti pinch band certainly works, I am 13 stone and run mine at 30 psi with no issues at all. I'm riding regularly, over 3 times a week and my previous ones lasted over two years on my hardtail. Since fitting these new ones my confidence on ground requiring good traction has greatly increased. The red trim band adds a comment attracting bit of bling to my red and white Specialised Camber. Get some !

***** on 02/10/2013

Plenty of grip on rough trails and reasonably fast rolling.

***** on 06/09/2013

Been using panaracer since smoke and dart combo was the mutz dangalies. Use on marathon bike with xc717 rims. Light enough and strong enough, keep tires inflated and no pinches. They work on: Grass, Gravel , Mud Tarmac. Just fit them and ride.

Merlin had my parts to me in time for the bank holiday weekend. Never fail to delight me with there quick dispatch.

***** on 14/08/2013

Had them on a week and so far OK. Seem a little slim for 2.2 as look the same width as my old specialized captain sport which were 2.0. Tread is directional for front and back wheels so be careful when fitting. For the price they are awesome value for money. Usual quality service from Merlin.

***** on 05/07/2013

Best tyres i've had for my mountain bike yet! Gives me so much more confidence. Great Value too.

***** on 20/06/2013

Good all round tyres

***** on 01/06/2013

Great deal, served me well all winter, never feel as though your ever gonna drop the bike like my old tryes which would let go without warning.

They sometimes slide in sludge but the slide is so predictable and they always somehow manage to find grip and let you stay upright.

**** on 29/05/2013

Good value from Merlin. A good all round tyre. Not as light as some other XC tyres on the market but better wear and grip. Used them recently on 55 mile ride in Kielder including cross border trail with no problems.

***** on 02/04/2013

Great tyre good grip and rolls well

***** on 16/03/2013

Great tyre!

***** on 15/03/2013

Love these tyres - good grip in all conditions. Nice price Merlin

***** on 13/03/2013

Fantastic tyres at a fantastic price, delivered on time.
The perfect service from Merlins yet again!
Many thanks for keeping me rolling up hill and down dale.

***** on 01/02/2013

Very good tyre i've been running these for the last few years, great in winter months. I think they beat anything else i've tried for grip.

I did run them in the summer last year because of the wet conditions and they performed well, not much drag.

Great tyre.

***** on 31/01/2013

Product as described, arrived next day - great service, Merlin is probably the best online cycle retailer I have found - with the bonus of phone support if you need it

***** on 24/01/2013

Good all round xc tyre. Fantastic price!

***** on 23/01/2013

Great proven tyres at a great price what more can I say

***** on 11/01/2013

Fast delivery, great value as always at Merlin. Highly recommended

***** on 22/12/2012

Look good on the bike, delivered within time limits, many thanks

***** on 12/12/2012

An old design now but still an excellent all round tyre,

***** on 08/12/2012

Ordered these at 1500 on Thursday they arrived at 1100 next morning brilliant service and I cant believe the price of these tyres amazing a very under rated tyre for all round use even mud.

***** on 16/11/2012

A great value all round tyre. I have used these tyres now for over 3 years and find them good in the mud and fast on the roads.

***** on 01/11/2012

The second set of these treads and they've never failed me before. Can't even recall them being holed. Grippy and quick.

***** on 30/10/2012

Very happy with this product. The tyre has excellent grip and is suited to muddy tracks and equally at home on gravel. The tyre has hardly any drag it runs smooth. It is a tyre I use all winter. Just get one!

***** on 24/10/2012

Bargain price for pair of quality tyres and tubes, I have been impressed by their allround ability and very happy with this purchase.

***** on 16/10/2012


2 tubes, 2 tyres delivered to Melbourne, Australia for less than I could buy 1 tyre locally..... Amazing. And they got here in 5 days !

Seriously ..... Amazing.

Thank You, Thank You Thank You.

Truly magnificent. I give you 10 stars if you had them.

**** on 06/10/2012

I know they have been around for a few years but they still do the stuff as a good all round tyre and the usual great delivery from Merlin

***** on 02/10/2012

Fantastic tyre for all round use. I have used this tyre for over 3 years now and get around 1000 miles out the rear tyre/2000 miles out the front before I change. I do a total mix of road/off road riding and find these are the most all round tyre out there.

***** on 26/09/2012

I always use these. Awesome tyres, lots of grip, low rolling resistance, responsive, hard wearing, & last for ages. Perfect tyre for all year round. Couple all that with merlins super low price price AND a free pair of inner tubes!...you would be a fool not to buy these

***** on 22/09/2012

Excellent prompt service and competitive price. Used this type of tyre for years and find them to be the best all round performer.

***** on 12/09/2012

A good quality tyre, grips well on the corners and no problems in the wet

***** on 07/09/2012

Best all round tyre that seems to resist punctures better than most other tyres.

**** on 28/08/2012

Old school,in appearance, but light, decent compound folding tyres which roll well, grip in most conditions and look good in black. Come up a little small compared to some 2.1 tyres, overall excellent - even better at the current price/deal.

***** on 24/08/2012

Great deal from a great retailer.

***** on 03/08/2012

My favourite general purpose tyre all year round, on front & rear . Masses of traction and plenty of grip on corners.

***** on 11/07/2012

Bargain price for 2 tyres and tubes. Comes up quite slim for a 2.1 tyre but is only really skittish on wet roots. Surprisingly good in sloppy mud and really well balanced in the dry. Great value for money tyre overall

***** on 08/07/2012

Excellent tyres, loads of grip and, considering how knobbly they are, quite low rolling resistance. I have used panaracer tyres before, and I will definitely be using them again.

***** on 05/07/2012

Great tyres at a great price.

***** on 04/07/2012

brilliant all year round tyre and my 2nd pair. plus two tubes for under

***** on 27/06/2012

Great tyres and a cracking deal as always from merlin!

***** on 24/06/2012

Brilliant price for 2 tyres and tubes, fast delivery too. Will definitely be shopping with Merlin again.

***** on 20/06/2012

What a bargin how can you go wrong with this two tyres and two free tubes for

***** on 18/06/2012

Best thing i bought for my bike. Insane grip in wet and mud etc they have given me new confidence on the trail.

***** on 18/06/2012

good service and price as always

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