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Park Super Patch Kit - Pack Of 6

Park Super Patch Kit - Pack Of 6
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Punctures are never convenient, but this is the most convenient way to mend a puncture.
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Code: QKGP02 B48
  • Saves time because you don't have to wait for the glue to dry
  • You can be sure of a reliable seal, because you stick the patch on when you are ready, not when you think the glue might be ready
  • A waterproof box containing 6 self-adhesive patches
  • The special adhesive was developed with 3M, resulting in a patch that will flex with the tube
  • Sandpaper for tube preparation included
  • Your lightweight and tiny trail friend

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***** on 24/05/2015

These patches work great, always carry them around with me and once stuck never leak.

***** on 09/05/2015

Used one recently after first puncture and it's holding out a treat! Much easier than traditional puncture repair.

***** on 08/02/2015

Very easy to use and they do the job

***** on 19/01/2015

Great patches, none better

***** on 21/11/2014

Strong patches, easy to use, take up less space than a conventional puncture repair kit.

***** on 30/10/2014

Tiny little bit of kit to get you home if you get a flat.

***** on 22/09/2014

Been using these for years because they are excellent, patch up all sorts of punctures perfectly, there's just no reason to use any others.

***** on 15/09/2014

Wonderful, convenient and effective repair with no hassle at all

***** on 09/09/2014

I used these for years. Do the job!

***** on 02/09/2014

The best I've used or seen

***** on 14/08/2014

Patches work great, very convenient little kit.

***** on 12/08/2014

Have always been a bit sceptical about glueless patches but having suffered a recent puncture I can say that these definitely work! Quick and easy to use. Recommended.

**** on 12/07/2014

Patches are a little on the small side, but they do the job they're intended for!

***** on 31/05/2014

It's Park....easy and straightforward to use...takes up no room but a no brainier for the saddle bag.

***** on 13/05/2014

These patches are a great quick fix out on the trail - I always find if I carry a full puncture repair kit the glue has gone off when you need to use it. These are much more convenient and far quicker to use !

***** on 02/04/2014

An essential for the back pocket

***** on 22/03/2014

The one I always turn to, cheap but top quality, never let me down.

***** on 28/02/2014

Great. Small, easy to use and always have on you. Recommend.

***** on 20/02/2014

Excellent Patch kit, I had started to use these patch kits at about one year ago, and since then I can repair my flats almost at the same time that I used to change my inner tubes for a new one!! Its very easy to use them.

***** on 23/01/2014

Used before - very good & easy to use.

**** on 06/12/2013

Very sticky and easy to use. You need a clean inner tube though.

***** on 27/09/2013

Stick on, pump up off you go! Could it be any easier

***** on 19/08/2013

Nice small package, great as a backup for a spare tube.

***** on 07/08/2013

Use these all the time. Great stick on patches that will get you home. Nice small box to to stow in tool kit

***** on 03/08/2013

Very quick and easy to carry and store for that emergency roadside repair.

***** on 26/07/2013

Great for a sticky situation

***** on 02/07/2013

Used these patches for years without an issue - reliable fast fix that in my experience lasts as well.

***** on 07/06/2013

Easy to use and effective. I carry them with me as an extra back up to my two spare inner tubes and repair the punctured tubes when I get home. No brainer, really.

***** on 28/05/2013

Bought for emergencies - fortunately, not had to use them yet, but seem perfect to keep in a saddle bag.

***** on 23/05/2013

Really is a super patch, easy to apply as advertised. Used a patch to fix rear puncture about 500 miles and still holding. Good fast service from Merlin.

***** on 23/04/2013

Tiny box, great to stick in the pocket or trail pack...and simple to use

***** on 17/04/2013

Used these for years. Work a treat and easy to fix a puncture.
Don't leave home without them.

***** on 04/04/2013

My favourite patch so easy to use

***** on 27/03/2013

Great little kit. Very small and fits well into my saddle bag!

***** on 13/03/2013

I always use these(MTB and Road). Instant and compact.

***** on 09/02/2013

Haven't had to use them yet but they are such a space saver!!

***** on 22/01/2013

Best quick-use patches available. Seem to stay ok for some time. Pulled one out of the box after being in my backpack for over a year and worked fine.

***** on 01/01/2013

Reliable patch kit.

***** on 27/12/2012

Good product

**** on 13/12/2012

Simple patches for use out and about. Tend to use these as a back up to an extra tube.

***** on 04/12/2012

These patches are amazing! Super easy to use, quick and last forever. Great for on the spot repairs.

***** on 15/11/2012

Sticky square things, fix punctures. Brilliant!!

***** on 30/10/2012

Ordered these on a bit of a whim not expecting too much after using another type of patch, however after having two punctures on a ride and having to fix a puncture at the side of the road I thought they would be worth a try. Pleasantly surprised to find they are as easy to use as I'd imagined and my patched tube has lasted a good hundred miles or so with no problems.

***** on 18/10/2012

not used them yet, but have in the past, they stick to the inner tube and stop it leaking, Brilliant!!

***** on 19/06/2012

Patches for punctures that you don't need to glue.
These make life a lot easier in our stunningly refreshing British Summer, when any time spent faffing with sandpaper, glue and patches by the side of the road is time spent getting cold and wet...

Shorten the job and use these instead. Yeah, they're more expensive than traditional patches, but you can probably afford the cost of a pint, can't you?
Keep a couple in your wallet for emergencies... I should add that you'll need a pump as well, and possibly some tyre levers, which are not supplied with these patches.

***** on 18/06/2012

Super fast and easy to use, not had one fail on me yet!

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