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    Workshop Pumps

Suspension Fork Pumps Mountain bike suspension shocks need regular maintenance to keep them working at their best. Keeping the air pressure in the shock at the correct level will help prolong the life of the shock and also aids comfort and control. A standard bike pump will not deliver the higher pressures needed in shocks so a specific shock pump is needed to inflate suspension units. Merlin Cycles stock a range of suspension fork pumps from brands including Marzocchi, Beto, Topeak and Rock Shox.

Inflation Cartridges The fastest way to inflate a tyre is to use an air cartridge (CO2 cannister). These tiny sealed units contain enough pressurized air to inflate a tyre in seconds. No pump needed, just attach the cartridge to its head unit, pop it on the valve and the tyre inflates. Merlin Cycles stock a range of inflation cartridges and head units (both available separately) from two of the best brands in the business – Topeak and Lezyne.
Due to new Royal Mail restrictions we cannot ship these products, for in store sale only.

Mini Pumps Every cyclist should carry a pump with them while cycling. Most mini pumps are small enough to fit in the rear jersey pocket and offer convenience as well as impressive performance. High pressure models are crucial for road tyres while for mountain bike tyres a low volume pump is better. Most are both Presta and Schrader valve compatible but please check manufacturers’ recommendations before purchase. Merlin Cycles stock a wide range of mini pumps from brands including BBB, Lezyne, Blackburn and Topeak.

Workshop Pumps Workshop pumps, also called floor or track pumps, inflate tyres very quickly and efficiently and we can’t recommend them enough. The sturdy construction with long barrel, wide support feet, toughened flexible rubber hose with secure valve head attachment and a pressure gauge makes pumping to correct the pressure simple. Most valve heads will take both presta or Schrader (car type) valves or have a dual head for ease of use. Merlin Cycles stock a wide range of workshop pumps from brands including Topeak, Beto, Lezyne and Blackburn.

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