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Road Bike Bars & Stems

  1. Road Bike Handlebars

    Road Bike Handlebars
  2. Road Bike Handlebar Stems

    Road Bike Handlebar Stems
  3. Road Bike Aero Bars

    Road Bike Aero Bars

Road Bike Handlebars Road bike handlebars may all look the same but there are many subtle differences which can affect comfort and control. Width is the obvious one but shape is also a factor. Shallow drop bars allow more time on the drops while anatomic versions can make the grip more comfortable. Construction material also plays a part with alloy and carbon bars offering differing levels of damping. Merlin Cycles stock road bike handlebars from Ritchey, Deda, Easton, Enve, FSA, 3T and Zipp.

Road Bike Handlebar Stems Handlebar stems have a massive influence on control and comfort so ensure you get the right length and degree rise for your size and riding style. Stems for racing tend to be longer and lower while for more leisurely riding shorter stems with a higher degree of rise can help offer more comfort. Merlin Cycles stock road bike handlebar stems from Deda, 3T, Easton, Thomson and Enve.

Road Bike Aero Bars Aero road bars help you get in a more aerodynamic position making them perfect for triathlon and time trials. They can be difficult to control which is why they are not used in bunch riding despite the aero advantages. Choose from either clip on extensions which attach to standard handlebars or complete base bar and aero bar units. Merlin Cycles stock road bike aero bars from Deda, Vision, Easton, Profile and 3T.

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