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Road Cycling Shoes

Road cycling shoes are quite a specialist piece of kit. They are designed to offer the best transfer of power from rider to pedal so they have a very stiff sole and several tightening points to keep it snug across the foot. Clipless pedal cleats screw directly onto the sole of the shoe via holes with tiny nuts pre-installed making attachment simple, no matter which pedal system you use. As cleats sit outside the sole walking is not the best experience but a hard wearing rubber heel tab adds grip and stops damage when off the bike. Keeping the foot secure is crucial so the shoe is fastened by either Velcro straps, ratchet buckles or a plastic wire retention device at several points. Road shoes are lightweight with carbon fibre featuring heavily in the soles to increase stiffness and reduce weight. The latest innovation is the ability to mould the shoe to your foot by heating them but please make sure the shoe has this feature before sticking them in the oven!

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