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Road Tyres & Tubes

  1. Continental Road Tyres

    Continental Road Tyres
  2. Michelin Road Tyres

    Michelin Road Tyres
  3. Panaracer Road Tyres

    Panaracer Road Tyres
  4. Schwalbe Road Tyres

    Schwalbe Road Tyres
  5. Vittoria Road Tyres

    Vittoria Road Tyres
  6. Vredestein Tyres & Tubulars

    Vredestein Road Tyres
  7. Tubes & Rim Tapes Road

    Tubes & Rim Tapes Road
  8. Zipp Road Tyres

  9. Veloflex Tyres & Tubulars

  10. Yaw Road Tyres

Luckily all road wheels are a standard size – 700c. The only variation is whether you need a clincher (tyre with tube) or tubular (sealed tyre and tube combo which needs a specific rim). After this it’s a case of width and tread and what kind of riding you will be using it for. From lightweight tyres used by Tour de France winners to long distance heavy duty touring and commuting tyres and every permutation in between as well as suitable tubes and rims tapes – it’s in here.

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