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  1. SDG Road Bike Saddles

    SDG Saddles
  2. Selle Italia Road Saddles

    Selle Italia Road Saddles
  3. Fizik Road Bike Saddles

    Selle Italia Road Saddles
  4. Ritchey Saddles

  5. San Marco Saddles

    San Marco Saddles
  6. ISM Saddles

    ISM Bike Saddles
  7. Women's Road Bike Saddles

    Womens Road Bike Saddles
  8. Selle SMP Saddles

    Selle SMP Saddles
  9. ProLogo Saddle

  10. Forza Road Bike Saddles

  11. Astute Saddles

SDG Road Bike Saddles SDG (Speed Defies Gravity) have been making saddles since the 1990’s. Their Bel Air model is worldwide favourite with mountain bikers and those looking a bit more comfort with its array of colours and titanium or Cro-mo railed versions. The Falcon is a more road orientated model with a choice of alloy or Ti rails while the female specific Aliso and Allure saddles are proving very popular with riders.

Selle Italia Road Saddles Selle Italia is one of the most iconic names in bike saddles. They have been making them at their base near Milan since 1897 and have introduced several iconic saddles which changed the market. First it was the Turbo which has now been rereleased then the Flite which revolutionised the lightweight saddle market and is still in production in many permutations. The SLR range is the latest innovation with many variations including the Flow in male and female versions.

Fizik Road Bike Saddles To help find which saddle shape is best for you, Fizik designed the Spine concept. Depending on your riding style, flexibility and anatomical structure, each model is placed into one of three shape categories – Snake for racing, Bull for all out comfort and Chameleon for those seeking the best of both worlds. Merlin Cycles stock most of the Fizik road saddle range in male, female and TT versions including the Antares, Vesta, Ardea, Tritone, Kurve, Volta, Aliante and Arione.

San Marco Saddles San Marco has been making bicycle saddles at their factory in Italy since 1935 producing iconic saddles such as the Concor in the 1970’s and the Rolls in the 1980’s and were the first company to introduce carbon rails into bicycle saddles in the 1990’s. Some of the world’s greatest cyclists have used San Marco saddles to win the biggest races, a tradition that continues today with many professional riders choosing San Marco saddles.

ISM Saddles ISM manufacture what are claimed to be the most comfortable bike seats in the world. Research has proven that these uniquely shaped saddles reduce pressure in the groin area by not restricting blood flow in that area which is beneficial for both men and women. Tests of ISM saddles over traditional ones prove that these saddles can be better for your comfort and long term health. ISM saddles are available in a range of shapes, colours, sizes and widths to suit most cycling disciplines.

Women's Road Bike Saddles The range of women specific saddles has grown impressively in the last few years and continues to do so thankfully. A lot more effort in anatomical research and design and real world testing is now going into each product resulting in better saddles for the female body shape. Merlin Cycles stock a range of female specific saddles from brands including SDG, Bioflex, Prologo, Selle SMP, Fizik and Selle Italia.

Selle SMP Saddles Selle SMP is the market leader in the high-range ergonomic saddles sector. They have been producing saddles in Italy since 1947 for many of the world’s top bike manufacturers but it was in 2004, following long and in-depth anthropometric and ergonomic studies, that the Pro saddle was born. With this they became a pioneer of a different and absolutely innovative concept of the bicycle seat and have expanded the range with male and female specific saddles including the Chrono, Avant and Forma.

Prologo Italian through and through but Prologo aren’t one of those Euro brands that lives on heritage and past glory. Prologo saddles are resolutely modern and feature contemporary design touches and cutting edge materials. Prologo are very much centred around the world of professional racing. You’ll find their saddles underneath a whole host of pro riders who value the performance, durability and comfort of a Prologo saddle. Prologo offer saddles in a variety of profiles - rounder or flatter – as well as in various widths.
Forza The Forza brand originated from Ridley bikes back in 2001 but is now an entirely separate brand and design house. Belgian through and through, Forza saddles have been painstakingly developed with loads of R&D from their fleet of professional racers who famously race all year round no matter what the conditions. Their Belgian roots and base is reflected in a lot of their saddles designs – the colours of the Belgian flag can usually be found somewhere on a Forza saddle. Their saddles aren’t just for racers though. Their neutral shape has found lots of fans among everyday riders.


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