Sensa Romagna Review

View the amazing review of the Sensa Romagna in Cycling Plus October 2012 Page 1  Page 2

Or view the Sensa Romagna on BikeRadar

View/Buy the Sensa Romagna Special online


Sensa Giulia 105 Review

View the latest review from Cycling Plus November 2012 of the Sensa Giulia with a 105 5700 groupset PDF Review

Or view the Sensa Giulia on BikeRadar

View/Buy the Sensa Giulia online


Sensa Fermo Review

View a review of the 2013 Sensa Fermo Cycle Cross bike with an Ultegra groupset from December's Outdoor Fitness Magazine

PDF review


Sensa Giulia Supremo Ultegra

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Sensa Giulia Review

Read the Cycling Weekly review from January 2014 Click Here


Merlin MALT-CR Review

Read the review from Cycling Active )ctober 2013 Click Here



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