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Shimano 105 5700 10 Speed Cassette

11-25 / 10 Speed
RRP: $45.02
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11-28 / 10 Speed
RRP: $45.02
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12-25 / 10 Speed
RRP: $45.02
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12-27 / 10 Speed
RRP: $45.02
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Shimano CS-5700 105 10 speed cassette, choice of 4 ratios
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Code: CS5700
  • High performance 10-speed 105 Road cassette
  • Hyperglide sprockets have a computer designed tooth configuration with contoured shift gates, resulting in a crisp smooth shift even under load
  • Close ratio gearing allows a more efficient use of energy through finer cadence control
  • Largest sprockets are mounted on a lightweight alloy carrier to reduce weight and increase rigidity
  • Sprockets are cut away and drilled to further reduce weight without reducing rigidity
  • Nickel-plated finish offers hard wearing resistance to corrosion
  • Pearl-bright steel cassette lockring
  • For Super Narrow 10-speed HG chains

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***** on 23/02/2015

Excellent cassette. Light, no noticeable difference from the ultegra it replaced

***** on 16/02/2015

This is my second 105 cassette, after 3 chains and about 8k miles, I happily got another at a good price.

***** on 12/02/2015

Just what I needed. Great wide range on the cassette. I'm not the fittest of riders but having the wide range makes the steeper hills possible now. Easy to fit and good quality. .

***** on 10/02/2015

Bought this to replace the 11-25 cassette that came on my Felt F75 as I have some very steep hills locally. Works a treat; gives me an extra low gear without changing any of the other gears.

Delivery from Merlin's was flawless as usual.

***** on 09/01/2015

Bought this as alternative to my 11-25 as didn't think that set up would be conducive to mountain riding. Haven't tested the cassette yet, but my original 105 cassette is still going strong and shifts superbly so don't foresee any problems once fitted.

***** on 07/12/2014

105, smooth, dependable and cheap. The higher spec groups wont make you any faster, they just lighten your wallet.

***** on 01/12/2014

Quality Shimano piece. Best bang for buck on 11-28 cassettes. Much lighter than Tiagra and much cheaper than Ultegra. Combined with a compact crank, this is perfect for hilly Southern California.

***** on 26/11/2014

Durable, crisp, inexpensive, and virtually foolproof. What's not to like?

***** on 29/09/2014

This cassette in 11-25 was purchased for a non climbing wheel I built up. What can I say, it is typical Shimano quality with nothing to really complain about. My climbing wheel has an Ultegra hub and cassette and I honestly cannot tell any difference in shifting. 105 is a workhorse!

***** on 12/09/2014

Haven't installed my new cassette yet, but the original it is to replace has served me very well. 6 years and many 1000s of miles and still shifts well. I love the Shimano 105 10 speed gearing setup.

***** on 01/08/2014

I bought a Sensa Romagna Special from Merlin Cycles nearly 2 years ago. I use the bike for my daily commute & now - some 6.5K miles later - things unsurprisingly have worn-out. Love the bike, so I have treated it to some new Shimano 105 parts. Now as good as new. Thank you Merlin Cycles for all the good gear together with excellent service.

***** on 30/07/2014

105 stuff is bulletproof!

***** on 22/07/2014

Bought the bundle with the chain and had forgotten how much difference it makes. Drivetrain feels so much smoother now, almost like a new bike. And insanely quick delivery as usual from Merlin, ordered Sunday evening, delivered Tuesday morning!

***** on 16/07/2014

Functional and cost effective. Not the lightest cassette on the market but for training/commute wheels this is perfect.

***** on 01/06/2014

This was brought for my Bournemouth Sportive on 31st May. Having previous done a test ride of the hillier section, I could not get up the steepest hill in one go with my 12-25 cassette and this was achieved with the 12-27 albeit at 6 MPH. Only the largest two sprockets are different so the remaining ratios are the same as my 12-25 and I will stick will this cassette from now on. Definitely recommend.

***** on 29/05/2014

Easy enough to fit, works great, shifts smoothly and quietly - what more could you want?

***** on 05/03/2014

Really similar to Ultegra, except few grams. I was looking for a 12-27 to go with my new compact crankset. Everything on my bike is Ultegra, except this. However, I thought it was better to have a good gear (12-27) than going with ultegra and choose between 12-25 and 11-28. 12-25 didn't offer enough possibility for climbing (25 is too low) and 11-28, the 11 is useless and losing a crucial gear like the 16 (step from 15 to 17) was not a good idea to maintain cadence on an Ironman.

**** on 18/02/2014

Resistant and reliable. I use this cassette with Sram group components and it works perfectly.

***** on 03/12/2013

Nice Quality item, smooth as silk with a complete 105 5700 setup

***** on 24/11/2013

My old cassette had been put through a lot of miles without being replaced, after swapping for this (like for like) the bike felt brand new! Also replaced the chain with this too and the shifting on the back block is perfect. The weight difference between this and the Ultegra for my winter bike is negligible. My old cassette had started to slip on gear changes and even sometimes when giving it some welly but not now. The price from Merlin was unbelievably cheap and the delivery even faster. I ordered one afternoon and the next morning it turned up! Ridiculous!

***** on 09/11/2013

As usual amazing price and service from Merlin Cycles. High quality cassette, bought to replace a tiara 11-25. The extra teeth on the 28 help on the steeper climbs but still with the 11 for faster straights and downhill. You can feel the difference in the shifting compared to the Tiara. Much crisper.

***** on 31/10/2013

I bought this as I wanted to change the ratio I was running to give me an extra gear in the mid range but still have a small enough gear to get up the steep climbs I previously had an ultegra block on but it doesn't come in this ratio and I have to say I've been very impressed, it actually feels smoother changing than the ultegra did and it's cheaper - bonus

**** on 08/09/2013

I fitted this to make a straighter chain line in the lower gears that I use the most for climbing in the big ring - 19-21-24 - and it has made a difference. It means (marginally) less steep chain angles which means less annoying noise and smoother riding. I didn't need a 28 ring.
Like all Shimano products, shifts are crisp and efficient and 105 quality is fine for daily use.
It's a pity though that 12-27 is no longer made in Ultegra though.

***** on 15/07/2013

As I am an old bloke (within touching distance of 50) I really appreciate the extra teeth on the top couple of rings to help me up those hills. Really simple to fit with the right tools.....very happy indeed...

***** on 04/07/2013

Great Cassette. Easy to install. Gear changes are much smoother now.
For the price, you can't go past this 10 speed cassette.

***** on 02/05/2013

I think this is a great cassette. It works nicely on my bike. Merlin did great as usual and it arrived super quick.

***** on 30/04/2013

Purchased as a replacement for existing cassette. Typical Shimano high quality.

***** on 08/04/2013

Bought this due to being a good price for my daily bike. Shifts well and no problems. No point in spending lots of money on a consumable product that is used in all weathers.

***** on 28/03/2013

Good quality cassette at a decent price

**** on 07/03/2013

Good. Smooth gear changes.

***** on 23/02/2013

Nice wide ratio for them hilly rides.

**** on 21/02/2013

105 seems to be very close to Ultegra on performance; bit heavy and chrome-style shiny but still excellent value for money. Shifting is great looks like it will certainly last well. Being used on a training wheel for turbo trainer, which is the ideal use at this cost.

***** on 09/02/2013

Product was delivered quickly and as described, was also a very good price compared to other suppliers.

***** on 09/02/2013

Very good cassette at a reasonable price.

***** on 13/01/2013

Brilliant product, good price and a good company to deal with.

***** on 27/12/2012

Great price and superb delivery

***** on 14/12/2012

Solid and reliable as you would expect from Shimano, great value from Merlin

***** on 21/11/2012

I bought this as ultegra doesn't have the 12-27 anymore. This is just as good as the old ultegra and a fair bit cheaper than the new ultegra.

***** on 15/11/2012

Excellent quality and value as expected

***** on 08/11/2012

Great cassette , super quiet, smooth when gear changing , good value

***** on 08/11/2012

Usual Shimano quality as expected, nice wide spread of ratios for general purpose riding.

***** on 01/11/2012

Out of the box and onto the splined hub. No problem. a quick heave ho with the torque wrench to the recommended torque and fitted to the bike. Checked the chain length and ready to go. Have been told to leave the new chain as lubed from the box until it actually needs lube and that's it. Smooth and quiet it is and a reasuring click from the freewheel.

***** on 25/10/2012

All round great service - great price, fast delivery and item exactly as expected. In my top 10 good suppliers

***** on 24/10/2012

Great piece of kit

***** on 24/10/2012

Very good product, fast ship to Brazil, excellent store I recommend !

***** on 23/10/2012

good product reasonable price very quick delivery,

***** on 17/10/2012

The whole process...Faultless

***** on 16/10/2012

Slightly heavier than the better models but hard wearing and ideal for my winter training

***** on 06/10/2012

I upgrade from 9-speed to 10-speed, changing the triple crank to double one. That causes me to change everything. I must have spent more money, but here "Merlin" gave me good prices. Thanks so much, Merlin!! Next time again I will definitely come and buy some, I swear. I was lucky I found this nice internet shopping. Thanks.

**** on 02/10/2012

Excellent qualitybranded item at a really good price, can't go wrong. Usual reliable service.

***** on 02/10/2012

Great product, as described. Fast delivery as well.

**** on 30/09/2012

Not the lightest but probably one of the hardest to wear out!? Reccommend it!

***** on 23/09/2012

Bought to replace my prevoius 105 cassette. Shifting was great before, and is still with the new cassette (expected). I believe this to be great value for money as my previous cassette lasted for 2 years before, so for

**** on 20/09/2012

Like for like replacement. Really easy to fit, a little tweaking on the indexing and have now got a much slicker gear change. Recently tackled some horrible hills and grinded through the gears with no problems.

***** on 12/09/2012

Product came fast and exactly as described along with the manual. Quality shimano item. Very nice purchase at merlin cycles. Recommended.

**** on 04/09/2012

Great cassette with solid gear changes. I have 105 and Ultegra and can hardly notice the difference. Rapid delivery by Merlin!

***** on 28/08/2012

Purchased this cassette to go on a set of new lightweight wheels so I could have winter/summer set of wheels as usual top quality Shimano 105 cassette straight forward fitting with right tools .Shifting performance up and down the cassette perfectly indexed and crisp..

***** on 27/08/2012

I have just converted over to a compact chain set after spending many years riding a triple. It works like a dream, I wished that I had done it years ago to be honest!

I just wish that Ultegra did the same ratio?

Quality product and quality service, it doesn't get much better does it?

***** on 27/08/2012

Purchased with LeMond Revolution trainer, 12-25. Durable cassette and good price.

***** on 17/08/2012

Very lightweight and reliable piece of equipment. My son is building his "dream bike" but within a sensible budget so this weight and price are perfect for that project.

***** on 16/08/2012

Great product, great price, fast delivery. Happy customer.

***** on 16/08/2012

I bought this product to make my hill climbing a little easier on long rides as I have a 12-25 on my bike at the moment, andI found found the recent Dragon Ride very tough on the hills. Excellent product but more importantly Melin was the best price on the web, and the service was outstanding. A brand new cassette for

***** on 16/08/2012

Easy to build and substantial

**** on 16/08/2012

product met expectations at a competitive price

***** on 02/08/2012

Super fast delivery and well packaged at a great price, Merlin leading where others follow.

***** on 01/08/2012

Quality cassette - easy to fit and works a treat. Usual fast service and great prices from Merlin. Very happy.

***** on 19/07/2012

The gear changes are noticeably quicker and more seamless, so much so that sometimes i had to look down to make sure the had chain moved!

***** on 14/07/2012

a good quality cassete that looks good and works precicely as it should, just what you would expect from shimano

***** on 10/07/2012

I chose the Shimano 105 5700 10 speed cassette with the 28-11 rings to give me the best of both climbing and speed gearing's as I mainly train on wold's, I am very pleased with the cassette and would recomend it to all but the top end athletes among you.
The only down side of the particular gearing I chose (28-11) compared to my previouse cassette 25-12 is that the gear jump into some gears are noticable and it can disrupt cadance when on climbs etc, but still not bad for such a large spread of gears!

***** on 10/07/2012

Usual Shimano quality - work so smoothly, more so than SRAM equivalents in my experience, and last well.

***** on 07/07/2012

IMO the casette feels smoother compared to my tiagra casette and shifting is improved, you can buy ultegra or duraace but bang for buck, this is a good investment

***** on 06/07/2012

Nice & shiny, good price, will buy from Merlin again.

***** on 28/06/2012

shimano quality what can one say, good balance between weight/cost/wear

***** on 28/06/2012

About 25% cheaper than the nearest I could find on the Internet, delivered quickly and as always with merlin, a no hassle, very competitive purchase. Thanks.

***** on 27/06/2012

Good quality shimano equipment.

***** on 26/06/2012

Good value casette with dinner plate 27 cog for a 20% climb
Great price and usual high standard customer service

**** on 19/06/2012

Use if on my training wheels. Very good cassette and good value.

***** on 18/06/2012

Really good value - not just cheap but very good too. My first one has done over 2000 miles and still going strong. I got a spare from Merlin at a super-low price so that when I am ready to change, I am good to go. Really smooth shifting - why pay more?

***** on 16/06/2012

Outstanding online bike shop. Great value goods. Easy to use website, great customer service and extremely quick delivery.

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