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Shimano Dura Ace 9000 Groupset

Shimano Dura Ace 9000 Groupset
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Shimano Dura Ace 9000 11 speed groupset. Latest 2014 model at the best online price
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Code: DA9000-GRP

Shimano Dura Ace 9000 series road groupset

Groupset Specification:

  • Chainset: Compact 34/50 or Standard 39/53. Option of crank length
  • Bottom Bracket: English
  • Cassette: Choice of ratio 11 speed
  • Chain: CN-9000 114 links
  • STI: ST9001 left and right hand
  • Cables: All cables included
  • Brakes: BR-9000 front and rear calipers
  • Front Derailleur: FD-9000 Braze-on
  • Rear Derailleur: RD-9000ss
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***** on 20/05/2015

This groupset is fantastic! Everything about it is perfect. It's like I'm riding a whole new bike!

***** on 22/12/2014

I give this groupo 10 out of 5 stars! I'm still getting use to how light the action is, super precise!!! At Merlin's price point, it's worth EVERY dollar/pound!!!

***** on 09/11/2014

Having used SRAM Red for the past 3 years, I had to make a challenging decision as to which 11 Speed Groupset I was going to upgrade to. Dura Ace 9000 it was after reading up about how well it compares to the Di2. I am not disappointed. Unpacking the boxes was a treat 7 days after placing the order. The crankset is a work of art, it oozes class and superior quality when compared to other sets. The groupset was installed by my bike frame supplier for warranty purposes, and yesterday I had the pleasure of testing it all for the first 110km ride. Off the bat, the whole operation of the parts of the groupset is smooth and quiet. No clunk sounds as gears engage down as what I was used to with the Red. This is in fact a bit of a problem, as shifting down the between gears, is so subtle, I and quiet, I find myself looking down at the cassette to see if it has finally reached the 11 sprocket or still has a way to go. Rear derailleur is smooth and quiet, and changes are crisp and complete - no half change skating between sprockets. The front deraileur is quite remarkable. changes are instantaneous, no more of the 2 pedal strokes to engage the outer chainring. VERY smooth and crisp - excellent in fact. The brakes are solid. They feel quite bomb proof, and on several occasions were so good I found myself having to adjust body position as the stop was sudden and strong. I am very impressed with the brakes. Shifters - still getting used to the motion again, the SRAM double tap certainly is a nice feature. The 9000 shifters do pivot about some, as both levers change gears. My biggest bugbear is that when your hands are low in the drops, it isn`t that easy to down shift gears. You have to raise your index finger quite a distance up as the down shift lever ends in a narrow point next to the brake/up shift lever. Looks good, but practically isn`t great when your hands are in the drop - when your hands are up on the hoods, no problem. The Sram double tap lever is wide at its base making down shifting easy and intuitive. The 9000 brake levers are well styled to your hand position and the hoods of the shifters are small and comfortable to hold, even with large hands. 9000 chain was smooth, no issues there. Cassette is very light, I am not sure how the carbon spider will last, but time will tell. Very pleased with the groupset so far, biggest race of the spring season is next week, hoping it will do well.

***** on 28/08/2014

I recently took the plunge to upgrade to Dura Ace and haven't been disappointed. Everything about the groupset is beautifully crafted and the difference in terms of performance is palpable - the braking remarkably powerful and the shifting so much smoother.

I also chose to move from a compact to the 36/52 chainring and expected to maybe struggle adjusting but this hasn't been the case. Maybe this is down to the added gear in the eleven-speed cluster; maybe, too, it's to do with added stiffness in the chainring itself?

In any case I'm delighted! Highly recommended!

***** on 27/08/2014

Un boxing the groupset was impressive. Installing it was simple, once indexed, it makes you wonder is there any point to electronic shifting as this was as smooth, positive and immediate as any thing else on the market, at a price point which competes with Di2. If you are considering a groupset - this is the one!

***** on 23/08/2014

By far the best mechanical gruppo available. Every shift is crisp and effortless.

***** on 13/08/2014

Fantastic group set, so much better than Dura Ace 7800 all round. Really light, lovely finish and works great. Shift quality is awesome. Why buy Di2 when you can have DA9000 at a fraction of the price from Merlin Cycles! The best groupset available.

***** on 05/07/2014

New 9000 Series Dura-Ace is very, very impressive. It's just a little lighter than before, but you can feel the difference. The major changes are the ones that you'll notice immediately: the lighter shifting and the punchier braking. Awesome group set!

***** on 29/05/2014

Having used 10 speed Dura Ace for many years, it's amazing to feel that 11 speed has raised the bar again with quality and precision. It doesn't get any better than this. All fits together effortlessly and functions perfectly. The brakes are amazing, almost feels like I had discs on the bike.

***** on 29/05/2014

The best mechanical top of the range group set produced by Shimano. The Dura Ace 9000 mechanical group set is by far the best, lightest and durable groupset on the market. I have already an Ultegra Di2 setup on my other bike and I must say, I much prefer the feel of this mechanical machine ... definitely the way to go.

***** on 25/05/2014

Excellent Groupset, light, Extremely stiff chain set and the double pivot brakes are very powerful

***** on 30/04/2014

What can one say about a Dura Ace groupset? It's expensive, it's flashy, and it works -- really well.

"You should have bought Ultegra", said my friends.

Yes, I could have. And my bike would have worked just fine. Or I could have even bought 105 and saved a little more.

No. It's not about just having a working bike. This groupset is about treating yourself to something awesome.

If you want something cheap that works, buy 105 or Ultegra. If you want to put the best possible stuff on your bike, buy Dura Ace.

**** on 26/04/2014

Amazing shifting and braking. With performance this good, there's hardly any arguments for electronic shifting. The only downside is the front derailleur, which can be tricky to setup properly.

***** on 16/04/2014

What can I say about this groupset that has not already been written. I upgraded the shifters and brakes from DA7900 and the difference is vastly improved, the brakes really do work so much better, they just seem to bite harder but with less effort. The feel of the shifters in the hands are great, they are smaller and flatter, and just feel right. The mech's are fantastic, usual DA quality. I had DA7800 cranks which I loved, the DA9000 are awesome, they look amazing in my eyes and feel super stiff. Would highly recommend the DA9000 to anyone, especially if they get the same great deal I got from Merlin Cycles.

***** on 16/04/2014

Well having moved from a 105 Groupset to 9000 the difference is massive. Not sure why you need Di2 as 9000 is one amazing piece of kit. The front shift is so fast and light the first time I shifted from the small ring to the big ring I could not believe it had happened!

Rear shifts are just as fast and easy and the eleven speed 11-28 does remove the old flat spot that the ten speed had.

A great Groupset and great prices from Merlin. Thanks

***** on 26/03/2014

Easy to set up, super-responsive and slick shifting. Very pleased there was a bottom bracket tightening tool included, due to the updated size. Lastly I opted for an eleven speed KMC quick link to secure the chain, rather than the pin provided, recommended.. Superb value.

***** on 19/11/2013

Very happy with the new 11 speed. Changing is super smooth and pressure to change is minimal. Really noticed a step up form the old 10 speed Ultegra.

***** on 16/07/2013

Fantastic groupset! Much better than the 7700 series. The shifting of both FD and RD is quick and braking is a super improvement. Didn't think I needed a 11-speed, but it sure is fun shifting and knowing you have that extra gear on those long climbs. 52 x 36 crankset combo is much better than the 50 x 34 for rolling terrain, long descents, and sticking with that super fast peloton. Highly recommended!! :-)

***** on 25/06/2013

Excellent delivery service and packaging.

The groupset lives up to it's reputation in terms of shifting, it is easy to fit and tune to perfectionjust pay attention to the front mech and read the instructions or get a pro mechanic who knows his/her stuff to fit it for you.

Time will tell regarding durability but it looks very well made and mechanically is probably as good as it gets. I did a lot of 'research' before I purchasedI talked to pro mechanics, read all the reviews and thought long and hard about it first and can report that I haven't once regretted my decision.

I also think it looks superb. The price here is very good too...just wish they stocked 52/36 chainset (I bought the compact as it's very mountainous where I live). If you are the type who hates to compromise or insist on the best then go for it!

***** on 14/06/2013

Quite simply the BEST groupset I have ever ridden on. Switched back to Shimano from SRAM red and this is better (in my opinion). Shifting is smooth and consistent, particularly front mech. Drivetrain is very quiet. The brakes are incredible in their power and feel. Overall. Excellent

***** on 13/06/2013

What a great groupset, the front derailleur is so quick and light. It all looks great and works fantastically . Highly recommend to anybody thinking of buying this.

***** on 12/06/2013

Shimano Dura-Ace 9000 mechanical group set is outstanding. The build quality and the polished two-toen finish looks really upscale and high quality. I was looking to get Ultegra Di2 but decided to go with DA9000 to get on the 11-speed bandwagon and for a mechanical group set, it's pretty much perfect in terms of function. I'm still playing around with the derailleur settings and lever reach so it will only get better I'm sure.

***** on 25/05/2013

The best groupset from Shimano. Easier to operate than previous versions. Front derailer shifts really easy and rear can move up 3 cogs in one move. Try one before getting electric.

***** on 10/05/2013

This a great product super responsive and light and really finished off my new S-Works Tarmac. It almost makes going up hill pleasurable.

***** on 25/04/2013

Best groupset I've ever owned, better than di2!

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