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Shimano Dura Ace 9000 Road Gear Cable Set - Polymer

RRP: $58.07
Save 45%
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RRP: $58.07
Save 45%
Out of stock
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RRP: $58.07
Save 45%
Out of stock
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RRP: $58.07
Save 45%
Out of stock
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Complete top-of-the-range gear cable set designed to suit Dura-Ace 9000 gears.
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  • Fitting new gears or completely overhauling your gear cabling couldn't be easier - everything you need in one pack
  • Includes 1.2 mm Polymer coated inner wires (1 x 2100 mm, 1 x 1800 mm), and SP41 outer casing for a complete bike (1 x 1700 mm), and all end caps
  • Polymer coated stainless steel inner wire leaves a smooth surface for low friction and reduced sliding resistance providing a lighter quicker shifting operation
  • Outer casing is lubricated internally along its length with low-friction silicone grease to reduce cable friction
  • SP 41 outer casing uses a special directional wound construction process makes for an axially stiff cable that transmits shifting movements accurately and quickly
  • Outer casing is lined with a polymer sheath to assist with the smooth operation of the inner wire

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***** on 09/03/2015

Great Cables - noticeably better than standard stainless steel version on 7900

***** on 01/03/2015

Perfect smooth gear changes, the best cables available !!!!

***** on 15/02/2015

This kit really is worth investing in, for the smoothest shifter feel with all the Shimano 11s groups. Night and day difference in feel versus the standard cable supplied with 5800, 6800.

***** on 06/02/2015

The best cables, I used the innards with my linked housing to solve my shifting issues.

Tried powercordz/dura ace 7900/Teflon coated cables and they did not shift perfectly with complex routes, the worse shifting was from the powercordz.

After installing the polymer coated cables it made a dramatic improvement and shifting was perfect up and down the gears.

Watch out for sharp edges they will cause the polymer to fray.

Going to change my MTB cables to these bad boys - Just bought another set.

***** on 15/02/2014

This new dura ace 9000 set of gear change cables are the dogs dangly bits. I've 105 5700 shifters that are super slick now & significantly better feeling than the standard cable set. Warning: use silicone grease on the cable & be VERY careful sliding it through your shifter mechanism, so you don't scuff off the polymer coating, also ensure you remove the polymer coating where it attaches to the mech....mine slid a little until I did this.

This made my 105 feel as good as/probably better than my old 6600 ultegra, which are so nice feeling....

***** on 31/08/2013

Superior derailleur cable set for Shimano DA 9000 shifters

***** on 22/07/2013

Bought to replace a set of standard 7900 shift cables, built up an internally routed bike with 7900 Dura Ace and had heard about potentially poor(er) shifting. These cables are super slick and the shifting actually feels easier (particularly the front shifting) than on my traditionally cabled frame using 7900 cables, I'd go as far as saying it's like a new groupset. Expensive, but very much worth it.

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