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Shimano Ultegra 6800 Groupset OEM is no longer available at Merlin Cycles. However you may find an alternative or updated product below.
Shimano Ultegra 6800 Groupset OEM

This item was discontinued 11th May 2015.

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Code: 6800-GRP-OEM
  • Latest model shimano Ultegra groupset
  • 6800 series 11 speed
  • Shares many of the feature of the Dura Ace 9000 groupset but at more economical price point
  • OEM packed, exactly the same as our other 6800 groupset but from bulk boxes that we have for bike builds.

Groupset Specification:

  • Chainset: FC6800 34/50 or 36/52 choice of crank length
  • Bottom Bracket: BR-60 6800 Sealed (English or Italian) or press fit BB71
  • Cassette: CS6800 11 speed 12-25 or 11-18
  • Chain: Ultegra HG700 11 speed
  • Front Derailleur: FD6800 Braze-On
  • Rear Derailleur: RD6800 SS
  • Levers: ST6800 brake/gear levers
  • Brakes: BR6800 brake calipers
  • Cables: All cables included



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Coming from Ultegra 6600, this was a nice upgrade. Rear shifting is precise and slightly improved. Front shifting is GREATLY improved. I've actually shifted into the big ring when meaning to trim because it takes so little effort. Shimano has changed around trims and what position it shifts into when moving from small to large and the other way. Takes a little getting used to, but no complaints. Check out the STI user manual for a picture and more description of this. Crank/BB is super stiff and brakes are much more responsive and predictable. Overall a nice upgrade.
The short of it: Awesome groupset at an awesome price. The long of it: Had some reservations about Ultegra, due to suboptimal experiences with older generation 105. Luckily those fears were unfounded! Once all the bits and pieces were installed and set up, it works magnificently. The shifting is silky smooth front & back - almost as nice as electronic. The brakes are quite an improvement from old 105, both in terms of stopping power and modulation. I quite like the look of the crank and that its the same spider for 52/36 or 53/39. Too bad a replacement big ring costs about as much as a new crank. Ordering from Merlin was hassle free. Price was good and shipping took about a week to reach Australia. The box looked a bit worse for wear and the cardboard protected bits looked a bit utilitarian, but all arrived safely. Do yourself a favour and throw out the little "manuals" that are provided. The proper installation docs are available at Another tip - the FD needs a LOT of cable tension to work well.
At this price you can hardly go wrong with the Ultegra 6800 groupset. Shifting quality is on par with DuraAce with the slight disadvantage of the extra weight.The ease of fitting this to your bike without the need of any real specialist also adds to another plus for this groupset.
It's hard to find fault with this groupset, brakes are excellent. Once adjusted properly, shifts are quick and smooth. bottom bracket and crank spin smoothly without ticks or creaks. I love the semi-compact cranks, but wish there were a few more options in cassette ranges (maybe I'm just being picky). It would also be nice if Shimano would go into a little more detail in the shop manuals on proper setup. That's why I subtracted one star. I've only put 50 miles or so on the group, but can't fault build quality or performance so far. Compared to my old 105 setup, it's night and day. I don't see any reason to buy Dura Ace for the average enthusiast. I purchased these from Merlin on a Thursday afternoon and the whole order was delivered to my place in the middle of the United States on Monday. Merlin was great about answering questions before ordering. Very happy with the purchase and experience with Merlin.
Purchased the 6800 groupset to rebuild a training bike. I was hesitant at first as I usually use Dura-ace, but I'd read a number of reviews about how this new 11 speed Ultegra had all the benefits of Dura-ace but at a lower price. Well, they were right. It looks great and has, so far, performed brilliantly. My conversion from 10 speed to 11 speed is now complete.
Fantastic group, love the 52/36 ratio. The brakes are amazing. Not so sure about the press in BB. I'm sure being plastic will keep it from creaking but everything about the BB seems cheap and disposable. Time will tell I guess. For the price it's an unbeatable group.
All components work great, especially the brakes and front derailleur. Here are a few things to remember: 1. You will most likely need to remove some chain links. The chain comes extra long. The derailleur cables came pre-installed in the shifters. The brake cables install very easily from the front. No need to take anything apart. There are all sorts of extra fittings that arrive with the cables and shifters. I figured out which ones to use when I put everything together, but check online or with your local shop if you're not sure how to do it.
Outstanding delivery from Merlin. Ordered on a Sat afternoon and arrived in Sydney on Thursday morning. Incredible speed. As for the 6800 Gruppo...what can I say...I have Duraace 9000 on my other bike and functionally they are very similar.
A leap up from Shimano 105 group set. Quality shifting, and smoother ride!
Excellent groupset, brakes are incredibly sharp and shifting is really crisp once set up. No need to spend the extra cash on dura ace in my opinion.
Compare with 6700 which I also own. 11 speeds seems to required frequent adjustment.
Everything you'll need for a full Ultegra groupset. Upgraded from Ultegra 6600. There are some differences between installation of 6600 and 6800 shifters (I suggest watching a youtube video), but this group shifts like a dream in comparison. Very responsive and smooth; recommend getting the polymer coated cable set too. Don't be fooled by the OEM in the name the only difference is how it's packaged; it's all the same stuff, just $30 cheaper.
Such a bullet proof Groupset, rode it on the team bike all last year without one hiccup and for the price it is unbeatable
I am building a new bike and thought I'd go with Ultegra. I purchased Campy Athena for another bike over a year ago and I can say that I prefer Shimano. The design and engineering makes install a breeze. Very user friendly and functions perfect and smooth. Merlin shipped to the U.S. super fast and had the best price I could find. Much cheaper than U.S. prices. I am sold on Shimano and Merlin. The only negative is the lack of installation instructions, but you can find those on the internet.