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Shimano ZEE M640 Shadow+ Rear Derailleur

10 Speed / DH - 28t Max
RRP: $77.39
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10 Speed / FR - 36t Max
RRP: $77.39
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Shimano M640 ZEE 10 Speed Shadow+ Rear Derailleur
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Shimano's new ZEE Shadow+ rear derailleur reduces chain slapping and dropping thanks to the Chain Stabiliser system.

  • 10 speed Dyna Sys compatible only
  • Low-profile skid plate design
  • Option of the downhill or freeride models
  • Downhill model with 28 teeth capacity, SS (short cage)
  • Freeride model with 36 teeth capacity, SS (short cage)

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**** on 19/05/2015

These are a great mech with plenty of range. The short cage tends to keep it out of trouble in the rough terrain. Had a few of these now and would definitely continue to but. Just make sure you get the right range size for your set up

***** on 19/03/2015

I have almost no chain slap and noise on my Cannondale Jekyll. The clutch type mech does a fantastic job of keeping tension, shifting smoothly and robust design. Would recommend!

***** on 28/11/2014

Love the short cage of zee, and this is the 3rd one I've purchased for my bikes! They have all survived numerous rock strikes and they holding up well!

The clutch has virtually eliminated all chain slap.

***** on 21/08/2014

Nice looking rear mech, replaces an xtr and no real difference except zee has a steel cable clamp arm as opposed to the alloy xt

***** on 01/08/2014

Paired with CN-981 chain, M771 cassette, Race Face Narrow/ wide ring. This is amazing. super small, fits tight, and the shadow plus feature is awesome! The entire drive train is amazing. Super quiet, fast, and if I had chain slap, I couldn't hear it!

***** on 19/06/2014

As usual, super quick and faultless delivery from Merlin. Pretty good rear mech, changed my setup to 1x32 narrow wide up front, with an 11-36 cassette. Runs great, not as well made as the XTR it's replaced, but it's about a third of the price!

***** on 08/03/2014

Used the ZEE M640 Freeride rear derailleur to complete the move to a 1x10 setup. I have this setup with a Raceface Narrow Wide 32t chainring and XT shifter. The cassette is 11x36.

Everything setup perfectly. The ride is SO much quieter! It shifts smoothly though all 10 gears. Chain stays tight, and I haven't dropped a chain.

Weight was around 287 grams for the ZEE. More than the XT long cage I had before, but the short cage, clutch, and more robust derailleur is worth it!

***** on 15/01/2014

Brilliant! I had high hopes for the clutch / narrow wide combination, and I've not been disappointed. Only a couple of very rocky Peak rides in, and not a single chain issue. For balance, I used to run a front mech and chain device with a standard mech, and used to get dropped chains every couple of rides or so.

Lovely shifting too, nice and crisp.

***** on 24/09/2013

As I am using a single front ring I have found this to be a brilliant bit of kit. Keeps chain taught Less rattle and hasn't come off yet :)

***** on 11/09/2013

Great mech that oozes quality. Maybe not as 'good looking' as a Saint mech but does the job just as well. 'clutch' mechanism works superbly. Great service and fast delivery from Merlin

**** on 31/08/2013

Bought this to replace a SRAM X-0 that I twisted and have been really impressed so far. While I do like the cage lock on the SRAM, the Shimano clutch system is almost as easy to use but is silent in operation whereas my SRAM mechs both developed a creak in them quite shortly after installation.

A friends has developed play quite quickly so I'm not sure how durable these are in the long run but at the price you can get the Zee for and how quietly it runs I'd say it's still a good purchase.

***** on 20/08/2013

Really quality product. Silent descending and looks smart, the clutch feature really does make such a difference. Easily handles an 11-36 cassette despite the short cage

***** on 16/08/2013

Im running 1x10 drivetrain on my 120mm steel hardtail and am running the zee wide ratio mech. it is brilliant! the clutch system is so much better than the older style clutchless mech. It looks good to, and as it is more of a free ride mech it is robust. the short cage and shadow technology mean it keeps the drivetrain higher up and out the mud, and makes for a very clean looking set up.

***** on 13/08/2013

Once you have a clutch mech, you will never go back! It makes your bike a great deal more quiet. Had one of these on my Stumpy when I sold it. Had a standard scram x9 on my new bike. It took 3 rides before I ordered another one of these.

***** on 06/08/2013

This derailleur is absoulutly amazing. It is quiet and works as it should.

***** on 26/07/2013

Absolutely brilliant bit of kit from shimano. I bought the wide ratio version for my 1 x 10 setup and it works very smoothly with a 11/36 slx cassette.

The main advantage of this product is how quiet it is, pedalling you can't even hear the chain revolving, and freewheeling I get absolutely no chain slap thanks to the clutch mechanism.

Also the size of the derailleur means its tucked out the way all of the time so bashing on rocks etc is not going to happen

If your looking for a derailleur for a 1 x 10 set up then this is the one and you won't ever look back.

***** on 24/07/2013

Didn't really believe the hype but the clutch system really does work. Setup was easy and has been effortless.

***** on 18/07/2013

Shifts sweet as a nut and a quiet little rear mech. Watch out squirrels I`m coming for you..........

***** on 27/06/2013

Quiet, shifts beautifully, clutch is strong. Really neat tidy little package. Did I mention quiet?

***** on 18/06/2013

Great piece of kit, does everything it's bigger heavier duty brother does (saint) with the versatility of its more refined lightweight family member(xt)! Top purchase for the cash

*** on 12/06/2013

Great derailleur at a good price. Although not as light as the XT, it is lighter than a SLX. If you read the review on pinkbike, this mech will continue working even when bent. Shifting is a little bit stiffer because of the clutch but I have not dropped the chain yet without a bottom guide.

Only given 3 star because although the capacity is 36T. With my 1X10 setup using 32T upfront, the chain is slack on the small cog if you set the chain to the correct length for a full sus. I luckily don't use the small cog too much because I think I will drop the chain in the small cog. It will be fine on the hardtail though because you can take another 2 links off.

***** on 09/06/2013

First time using shadow + and I won't look back again! Will definitely be upgrading my othe bikes to benefit this seamless drive chain experience. The zee is again an excellent value choice! Highly recommended.

***** on 01/03/2013

Superb product, changed from xt shadow "down" to the zee - personally I think this shifts quicker and slicker + quieter to boot. Well built bit of kit, if you're thinking of 10sp rear mech - think about zee

***** on 05/02/2013

Very compact and very quietShadow + is just ace. I've moved to 1 x 10 and loving the simplicity.

**** on 17/11/2012

I'm running the wide range version 1x10 on an On One 456. With an SLX shifter it shifts comparably well to the SLX it replaced, although there is definitely more of a distinct 'click' on changing gear in either direction. I'm a fan of light Shimano shifting, but this isn't so severe as to annoy me, so no problems.

So far it seems to quieten the chain, although I haven't done enough really rough stuff to say for sure. I've had some slight issues getting it running smoothly in either the highest or lowest gear, but I'm putting it down to teething problems with the 1x10 setup rather than the mech itself. Other than that setup was easy.

-Does what it says on the tin
-Price is pretty good

-Not as smooth as non-Shandow+ Shimano

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